Another year has flown by and today is my annual reflection of How I lived this gift of earthly time and --what a wonderful sense of humor God has.  A time when I acknowledge--the good-the bad--the ugly---and with a mark in time at midnight tonight---VOW to close this chapter and look forward to the clean sheet to begin the next chapter.

The year began with the need for a biopsy--remember that picture---one of the best looking men I have ever seen---sweet on top of that--as my doctor--strapped to a table on my stomach --quite the picture of beauty and grace--he was NOT changing my oil or rotating my tires---BUT the entire experience bordered on hysterical.  I kept the sweet friend that went with me laughing uncontrollably all the way home describing this fun outing!

I have had the fun of once again packing everything--with further downsizing-and moving 300 miles.  I am down to 1 of everything-plate,cup,bowl, glass--you will be glad to know I kept a change of underwear. It was reminiscent of the Clampetts move to Beverly Hills---WELL their drive into the city in their jalopy--NOT the mansion with the concrete pond.  Here I am finally living my dream of living in a "Big City".  I have learned the lesson that it is NOT smart to live on the edge of a university campus.  Noisy would be an understatement.  It has caused an increase in prayer time for our coming generation.  These people will be in charge of the nation during my golden years!

Our annual hiking trip proved to be a lesson in life concerning need for cardio and strength training.  I also took my son in law out of the will when his tent leaked in the rain and bitter cold.  God's little gift to soothe my disappointment was the "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" concert and spending a couple of evenings with the man in a skirt having an interesting conversation.  Bottom line is NEVER believe your hiking friends when they tell you it is not a big deal as they run up the mountain.

After months of looking, I finally found the cowboys/girls here in the Wild-Wild West.  While attending the Mustang Million show with Ruston friends visiting, we saw every shape, form, and size of cowboy and cowgirl.  The West is alive and kicking here in Texas---you just have to know where to look!  I was so inspired I bought a pair of cowgirl boots.

Following a brutally hot summer, God got a little snicker when he sent a full fledged ice storm for five days.  I learned it is NOT a good thing to cook a big pot of chili for one person to consume.  I have the two pints I froze in the beginning of the process well hidden in the freezer---STILL cannot stand the sight of them.

God and I have laughed together at life in the "Big City", but He has also shown me His faithfulness.  It has NOT been easy moving--but just as my marriage ending was not easy---He is by my side--walking with me---proving Himself faithful and loving me beyond my wildest dream as He teaches me and continues to work on my sanctification.  He has placed me in a church with wonderful teaching, He has given me a new small group to begin the growth of fellowship with, He has placed me under inspired teaching of His Word in Bible Study, and I am beginning the slow process of making friends.  He has given me a precious little girl to tutor and mentor in an inner city school.   My homesickness is beginning to get better---He" heals all wounds.

Perhaps the greatest blessing God has given me this year has been the outlet of my writing.  I wrote my first book--in an effort to remind myself of how He was redeeming my heartbreak and to share with others the only Hope.  He has changed the direction of my blog--from me to what HE is doing and teaching me.  He has given me a huge heart for the broken, disenchanted, lonely, and hurting.  How many times in the past year has He allowed me to testify to what He has done in my life and the promises He has made to all of us. My most important lesson this year has been the reminder to trust in Him and remember the Hope for tomorrow found only in Him---

The Answer is ALWAYS Jesus! 

Happy New Year, Dear Friends
As We Close Out This Year
Remember The Blessings
And Look To His Great Love For Each Of Us!

"The Lord Almighty has sworn,
Surely, as I have planned, so it will be.
and as I have purposed, so it will stand."
Isaiah 14:24

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