I am hung up on the "Bucket List".   WELL IF I did make a bucket list--just what would be on that list?  Causes one to think---reflecting on those things that I have not accomplished, but if the good fairy or the genie in the bottle were to visit today--what would my wishes--want to's be?

In random order--no rhyme or reason attached AND by no means not all--

1  Win a marathon---Well let's think that one over--since I have NOT run in a year--trying other things these days---embracing change or some such nonsense-that might be a far fetch.  In addition to the fact that I am not running the fact that I have ALWAYS been a turtle might make that even more impossible.

2.  Sail off to a paradise on a beautiful sail boat---I get DEATHLY sea sick--as in turn green---want to die--sea sick.  The other slight problem might be that I have never sailed a boat.

3. Climb Mount Everest--or any of the other great mountains--see one above--there is NO oxygen up there--I am NOT in very good cardio condition--never rock climbed before--unless you count those plastic walls where you are attached to all kinds of harnesses.

4.  Kayak beside the whales in the Alaskan sea--See Two above--you would have the normal wave action and the waves created by the whales as they try to turn you over.

5.  Live in San Francisco/New York/Seattle/Miami/Chicago---all of the American great cities for a year at a time.  Having enough trouble adapting to Fort Worth which while a big city still has the small town feel to it.

6.  Trek the John Muir trail--three weeks of intense wilderness hiking with LOTS of weight on my back--not getting any younger--would be a HUGE undertaking and need a buddy who has three weeks to devote to it as well.  Hopefully tent would not leak this go-around. (See Summer Hiking Trip)

WAIT ENOUGH OF THOSE BIG WANT TO'S--it might be better to examine the small things:

1.  Do a cart wheel---could do all kinds of gymnastic stunts in my youth--never could do a cart wheel.  Something about getting really long legs up and around just did not work.

2. Learn to ice skate--was a passable roller skater as a kid---never could work up the courage to try the ice skating rinks when I saw them-not like me to be a chicken.  

3. Drive ANY piece of heavy machinery.  I almost drool when I see a tractor-back-hoe etc.

4. Make something using LOTS of power tools.  I LOVE power tools!

5. Swim a mile or more---without benefit of water wings.

6. Spend an entire summer at the beach.

STOP--enough you see the pattern--there are things all of us want to do--just one more trip to Ireland---see Paris--visit Istanbul--see the Suez Canal--

What my heart knows though is these lists---are just like any material possession---there is always something more after you have crossed one off-I just need one more thing.  Things will not make us happy---the only thing that will ever fulfill us--satisfy us--fill the void--all begins with a relationship---first with Him---and then with those He has placed in our lives.  There is no other permanent filler--all the rest is just temporary.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."
 – 2 Corinthians 4:18

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