I made a flying trip to Haughton, Louisiana to say goodbye to my sweet--rascally cousin, James Ramsey.  The day was also my sweet youngest grand's first birthday--so I had to make a one day trip---could NOT miss this important milestone for him.  I had a great deal of time for thinking while driving those 500 miles alone.  A day filled with celebrating the beginning of a life with only one year behind Collin and the celebration of the end of James's life of 78 years.  

I always love to hear those stories from friends of my loved ones.  Stories of a very intelligent engineer---who chose to wear blue Dickie overalls everyday once he retired.  What a contrast to the red late model Corvette convertible he drove while tooling around.  A man who knew what he liked and lived without concern for the opinions of others--but was true to who he was.  A man comfortable in the board room of the bank where he served as a board member---who was the parish engineer for his entire career--hob-nobbing with politicians and parish citizens of all descriptions without discrimination--a man of no bias and a heart of gold.  A man well thought of in the community for his entire life--well perhaps with the exception of the time he cut the beloved tree in the middle of the road in the downtown.  A man who loved his wife, children, and grandchildren fully--deeply--faithfully for his entire life.  A man who put his pastor at ease during one of his final visits by telling him I know why you are here--and don't worry Jesus is my Savior.  A man who finished well and who we all celebrated in this final good bye.

In typical James Fashion, he requested one final ride in his beautiful totally restored gold Chevrolet pickup--the ride to be put to rest beside his beloved wife, Gloria.  What a way to leave us!  He always called me "Sis"--and I can hear him now, "Well, Sis, why not take one more ride in style?"  Why not, indeed, James.

 You might ask, "What legacy did James leave his children and grandchildren?"  The wonderful legacy of a red Corvette convertible, a rebuilt gold Chevrolet truck, and most important the knowledge that he had lived life well and with the great respect of a multitude of friends and the community he lived in his entire life.

 Well Done---Good and Faithful Servant!

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' 
Matthew 25:23

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