I am settled and all is done--including organizing the garage--except hanging some curtains.  Did I tell you I bought a new drill---SUCH fun with the new drill!  I LOVE a power tool!

No pictures--but they are coming.  Camera battery seems to have died during the move and I need to locate the charger--IT IS HERE SOMEWHERE!

It is so quiet compared to living by the university.  There is a train track very close--but that has become a lullaby compared to the loud partying associated with college life.  I do miss the church bells!

I met one of my neighbors--and we have had quite the conversation.  I must say--I enjoy her a great deal--but she is different.  I have lived in a bubble for all of my life.  I have named her, Mother Earth, and I am sure she would not be offended.  She has multiple bumper stickers indicating her love of Mother Earth and being one with her.  She is disabled and not able to work---BUT she has 8 (EIGHT) dogs and cats living with her---BIG DOGS--as one is a Great Dane.  

We have already had a discussion about our faiths---and when she told me she is a Unitarian---and believes Jesus was a good man--I told her I would like to tell her what Jesus is to me on my front porch one night when not hurried or stressed.  She has extensive knowledge of gods and goddesses and Buddha--that she has already told me about.  Within five minutes of meeting her she told me she was a hippy.  I laughed and told her she was born in the wrong generation, but there are certainly many hippies still around.

I found it very interesting that she would tell me this so early in our conversation--but also know it is very telling.  I am looking forward to my many times of conversation with her to come.  Could this be one of the reasons that God has placed me here?

Meanwhile--my first over-night guest is coming tomorrow night!  Meredith--my adopted college student--is coming through on her way to her home in Shreveport.  She arrived home from Zimbabwe this week and I am SO looking forward to hearing her stories of this mission for God.

SO while she is here---the meeting of the SSS will convene at my little cottage.  I am cooking and we are fellowshipping AND hearing about Meredith's adventure.

The Cottage feels more like home--here in the hood--already.  My little cottage looks like me---and I am putting my touches all over it.  I will forever miss Ruston--but I am blessed with where He has me.

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  1. How neat when our homes, no matter where they are, truly reflect who we are in this season. I'm tracking with you this week, Lulu, having penned a post that is so similar to where you're coming from!

    Great minds, yes?

    Blessings as you settle in, my friend!


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