I once again am a homeowner---signed the papers yesterday.  

AND in addition---I am going to be a landlord.

Planning for my "Old Age"--whenever that happens (NO I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT I AM ALREADY OLD!)  Property Taxes in the GREAT state of Texas are HIGH--so in an effort to plan for the future--I bought a home with a garage apartment.  THIS should make for great blogging material in the future---HOPEFULLY not as exciting as living by the university!  This time-


With the clear understanding that I have to take care of this home by myself, I purposefully bought a very small house.  Just enough room for me---BUT never fear---have a plan for when you come to visit!

The house will soon be 100 years old---but has been remodeled---in an old established area of FW--close to downtown...Very close to the interstate--so when the kids move to the burbs--it is a straight shot.  Hopefully I thought of all the important considerations!  Here is a glimpse of the hacienda---painting--and a few projects to complete before moving-----

PRAYING this is my last move after 3 in 3 years!  The long term plan is this is great investment property if I am gone or in the NH.

Gold Paint WILL GO With Warmer Weather!

Hello Tenant!

SO here I am in FW--a property owner---still trying to make this home--still struggling at times--It was a bittersweet moment as I signed those papers---very mixed emotions but He is pulling me closer--showing me--teaching me---LOVING me---I am SO thankful and blessed!

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  1. Knowing I lived in the DFW area, someone once asked me the difference between Dallas and Forth Worth. I thought for a minute. I said, well, when you go to downtown Dallas you can't find a place to park. In downtown Fort Worth, you can find a parking meter with time still left on it. Randy "Tex" Roger


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