I read a comment on Facebook that Wiley Hilburn was slipping away--hours before he left this world.   Being out of pocket all day--I did not realize this was happening, but did receive a text from an old friend telling me the sad news of his passing.  Wiley as well as his father were my clients for a LONG time.  I always enjoyed his stroll into my office and the ensuing conversation.  He was NOT very interested in taxes or the tax process---BUT also like every other Red Blooded American did not want to have to pay anymore at the end of the process.  He was like another of my former clients Don Hammon, I never ceased to be amazed at how they could drape themselves over a chair--as if they were there for an afternoon nap.  Two long term Ruston icons--now gone--slowly but surely my peers and long time friends are slipping away.

When I stop and consider, there is a LONG list of those who have left us.  The natural order of life--as we get older---this happens--our loved ones and friends begin to leave.  I suppose you have noticed---none of us get out of here alive? I am not being grim or morbid---I am just stating the facts.  We all have an appointed time on this earth and when our time comes--we are out of here.

Since we do not know the day or the time, I often ask myself at the end of the day---if I do not wake up tomorrow---what is my legacy? What have I done to further the cause of Christ?  Will I be missed?  What will my loved ones remember about me?  Important questions--to my knowledge--we will not know what is said about us in our eulogy or obituary.  We may THINK we can control that, but the bottom line is whatever our plans are--they can be changed once we are gone.  At that point in time, how we have lived our life will become apparent by what is said by those we leave behind.

 Today is the first day of the rest of your life--ever how long or short that may be.  Begin today with purposeful intention in living life to the fullest and glorifying Him to the best of your ability.  Each and every time another one slips away---take stock and reflect--How am I doing?  As surely as the sun rises each morning and sets each night, you will slip away some day also.  Do not let it slip up on you--live each day as if it were your last--ALL FOR HIS GOOD GLORY!

"4 "LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, and that my life is fleeing away"
Psalm 39:4

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  1. The legacy before would have been a sad, sad story. But not today thanks to the love of Christ! I will never forget Mr. Hilburn. He wrote an article in the paper about my sister getting stuck in his magnolia tree that we used to climb every single day. The fire dept came and everything. I will never forget that or his story that followed!


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