"Church is probably one of the scariest places to go alone." Another great quote from one of my Facebook young friends.  It was amazing to see all who agreed with her and responded.  I have gone to church alone for sometime now while in Fort Worth and this statement immediately brought to surface all the feelings which have enveloped me during this experience.

I began to get the feeling that church was created for families-in the beginning of my time here in Fort Worth.  As you cross that threshold and glance around, it seems everyone in the worship center is either with their family or at least their spouse.  Birds of a feather flock together---and the families sat next to other families and the couples sat with or near other couples.  I was a lone crane in a sea of gulls.

I began to look around me as Sunday after Sunday I sat there alone.  There were others sitting alone, but not in pockets--but rather dispersed among the couples and families.  When I attended church in R, I knew many of the congregants and there was always someone to sit with--Not so here.  It is a BIG church and I know a handful of people---finding them in this huge worship center is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  

There were two choices--become intimidated and allow my aloneness to stop me from attending worship (not a choice in my mind) or learn and grow from this next right thing.  God desires for us to be in worship--so to worship I go.  What I finally realized was that being alone---with no distractions--created a new level of worship.  I was there for one reason and only one reason--worship.  Concentrating on the words of each song--on the words of each prayer---on the depth of the message--I began to experience a new level of worship. I became intimately aware of The Father's presence--for where two or more are gathered---and He honored my presence with the knowledge of His.  Alone can be good and can be used for His good purpose--I became aware of why I attend worship and drew from the well of His love and goodness as I acknowledged the greatness of Him and reveled in His presence.  He has begun to supply a new group of friends to sit with some weeks---but this time of aloneness--it was a blessing--I once again learned I am not alone.

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." 
Matthew 18:20

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