We had a hero return to his wife and daughter this week in the hood.

The streets in the hood were lined with flags welcoming the fighter pilot back!  It warmed my heart!

(Sorry for photographer's goofs---cannot figure out how to use "Paint" to fix the pictures, but it will come--bear with me.)

And then there is the school where I volunteer.  My sweet little student LOVED her Valentine and we made one for her mother and daddy.

A short walk from my cottage I see these gatehouses--announcing the entrance into another neighborhood.

This gives NEW meaning to underground parking.  I have a storm cellar--these neighbors have an entire garage underground.  I did wonder if they have an interior stairway up to their home.  Look to the right of the garage doors and you see an exterior staircase to their home---but SURELY they have an interior one also!

This week crime stats & emails might lend some to be concerned--a murder and many car burglaries----LOTS of lost/found  dogs--and various other hood business.  I met another neighbor--had an invite for a picnic at the park--all from being out and working in the yard. Going to SO love the front porch sitting!

Busy week coming in the hood---my first "Neighborhood Association Meeting". There is POWER in unity!  I am leading an orientation Small Group for my church for 7 weeks beginning this week.   I have volunteered for the "Cowtown Marathon" and will be handing out packets.  My first time on the "Other Side" of the table.  And THEN--I have been invited to a "Dinner-Silent Auction-Fundraiser".  Meeting new people---can that be bad?


  1. I love hearing about "hood" life! This made my day and I have goosebumps! I love seeing your world through your eyes! It gives me new perspective.

  2. I love hearing how you're making a new home for yourself, front and center in the midst of life unfolding.

    I can't help feeling that you're going to be a tremendous blessing in this new place. And you, too, will receive blessings in the process ...


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