This is SUCH a VITAL--NO CRUCIAL topic that I have one more post--before putting the pen down on this one.  I am preaching to myself---and if it resonates with you---perhaps you too.  There has been an entire sermon series at church on this hallmark of our faith and a subsequent discussion in small group each week.  When much is said about any subject--it belies us to sit up, pay attention, and come away with a "take away" or course of action.

One of my new friends in small group is fascinating and I must admit almost takes me back at times.  Not easy to make me stop in my tracks--and blow me away--but she is very outspoken and tells you just what is on her mind.  I LOVE HER!  You will learn where my mind is by listening to me jabber, but I am also very careful of hurting your feelings and tend to lean toward political correctness---not always a good thing.  This puts it out on the line--and leaves you with no doubt as to her thoughts.  She also is open to listening to others and is compassionate and has a soft heart.  She does not always let others see that softness---working in a high pressure -- large Fort Worth public establishment has led to blunt truth telling.

In one of our conversations about the sharing of the gospel in small group, she made this statement--

"You have to earn the right to share the faith with someone."

This is one of two guiding principles in the "Young Life" movement-which she has years of background with.  The other principle-

"It is a sin to bore a teen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

STOP-  think those over--I have spend PLENTY of time thinking about them.

How do you earn the right to share and why is it so important that you have? The Gospel is lived out and displayed for the world in the lives of believers.  Especially here in the US, we have no reason to not live according to His Revealed Word.  Non-believers are watching us--and judging The Gospel by our reflection.  DAUNTING THOUGHT!  NOW the good news is---God can take the ship wreck our lives can become and use even that.  It did give me pause to think when I am sharing The Good News---what has my reflection been to the one with whom I am sharing?   Have I shown the love of Christ to the one I am sharing with?   Have I effectively been the eyes, hands and feet of Christ here on this earth?  

After she made this statement, I did later come to the conclusion if you are given the nudge to share---SHARE!  We never know and God works in mysterious ways---we may be the seed sower and someone with the right may water the ground later.  If God opens the door--invite them in.

I do believe our most effective mission field is with those we have trust and influence with.  Those that see us living our lives with Him in the center and the peace that passes all understanding radiating from our lives.  Knowing us best and wanting what we have---Jesus---is evangelism 101---having the right by living the faith and then sharing The Word.

"And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."
Mark 16:15

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