The emails were flying this week here in the hood!  It seems a dog almost exactly like this little cutie was wandering around lost in the neighborhood--reminiscent of the Israelite's wandering the desert for 40 years.

I lost count at around 30 when the neighbors were reporting spotting's, putting out food, wondering whose dog he was, etc.  FINALLY they came up with a plan for capturing the unexpecting  runner.  Since he would not let anyone get near him, it was an intricate plan---wars have had less planning.  They celebrated BIG TIME when one neighbor finally was successful at his capture.  I quote, "Our baby (dog also) was out for a walk with daddy and the precious fellow followed them home."  SERIOUSLY!  And THEN one neighbor sent a slightly sarcastic email wondering why the neighbors were NOT more concerned with a sidewalk for the children to walk home from school on.  There has been a request to ask the City Council to extend one of the walks to protect the children and it seems some are more concerned with the welfare of the canines in the hood than the safety of the children.

The other big happening in the hood dealt with the nearby train tracks.  I am very close to downtown, but also not far from the train yards--the tracks are about half a block away.  There is a LOT of train traffic--but I had grown accustomed to hearing them in the apartment and they do not bother me.  THEN one morning this week the train horn blew for 10-15 minutes---solid--no stopping at 6 AM!

ANOTHER flurry of emails.  The neighbors are calling the train company---and up in arms---surely it must have been an emergency.  The story finally gets "found out"--someone broke into the engine and had a "Whistle Party".  The whistle blew until the police arrived to end the party.  Every little boy dreams of blowing the train whistle.

I volunteered at the Cowtown Race Packet pickup yesterday.  I have a new and profound respect for the volunteers that put these races on.  It was Organized Chaos!  I must say that runners are some of the most polite people.  I loved it and ALMOST got the bug to run again---and then I remembered!

It has been a super busy week!  I am back painting --the apartment has to be painted before it can be rented.  Someone smoked in it---so it has to be kiltzed and painted.  GROAN!  I had central air put in it and will start my next career as a landlord soon.  NO NEED TO APPLY if you enjoy shenanigans!

AND I found Elvis--he is alive and well here in FW!


  1. Your sense of humor CRACKS ME UP!! I love this and it had me howling! Thank you for the laughter this morning!

  2. I've been looking for my dog so and I've been looking all through the neighborhood to so you know this is a big story you're telling that ain't true and I want my dog back cuz he's my dog has been missing for quite some time and I miss him so just giving back

  3. You know I didn't let him out you know that the babysitter lost him so you need to just quit and give me back my dog it was not my fault he's at the babysitters

  4. So am I going to get an answer or are you going to let me know where I can pick up my dog or what I mean you have the same written all out and you tell this people story that's not true and now you can't even answer me


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