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When I take my blinder's off, get my eyes off my navel---start looking around--I see what a sad -fallen world we live in.  It is all over the internet---families who have lost loved ones to addictions--addictions which are destroying lives--cancer and heart disease rampant--single mothers who are struggling with no support---dysfunctional families and no support systems--the list is long and breaks my heart.  It leads to concern overload and a flip-flopping heart--trying to decide how and where to help.

How could we NOT see all the pain and struggle around us?  Do we put on our blinders--and refuse to look right or left---pursuing our own pleasure---are we so mired in our own struggles that we cannot look up?  What leads us to tunnel vision and ministry confusion?  How do we become stuck in the quick sand of self gratification?  What is the answer and where are we called?

Are we so over-loaded with the grief all around us that we just throw up our hands and turn the other way?  Does it seem there is no answer--the problem is so GREAT?

My answer--in my rational--logical moments--is ONE STEP AT A TIME!  One student who is struggling in a vast sea of students--  One young mother who is struggling to raise her children with no support--One disabled neighbor who needs physical help--One lonely face that needs a kind word...Take the task before me---stay focused upon it---and pray others will do the same.  THEN there will be a difference---by each of us focusing on what we are called to do---Change will occur.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."
Philippians 2:4

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