Once again the Oscars rolled around with all the glitz and glitter that go along with those awards.  I am reminded of all the great quest movies Hollywood has produced over the years.  "Indiana Jones", "Star Wars", "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe", "Rocky" and the list goes on and on.  One of my personal favorites "The Wizard of Oz."

All good stories begin with "Once upon a time" and the ending is known even before setting out on the quest.  Quests are NEVER easy--there is always an enemy--it is difficult to stay on the path--they take great courage-which can be difficult to find--there is a cost, and sometimes they lack clarity.  The price of following our quest can be illusive and it may call for something bigger than us-but the end is always worth the cost.  It also is really not about the end--but more about the journey.

OH--how I crave a great quest!  Don't we all?  We ALL have value, meaning and purpose and God HAS a great quest for us.  In the economy of God, there are NO accidents and discovering His implications of our purpose is transforming.  There is a tension as we travel along our quest path--a tension He wants us to live with.  God has our quest planned out for us-He has written the story--but we have the choice and responsibility of how we follow His story.  "God creates us with a purpose and plans to be involved.  Our circumstances don't choose our ending.  Your choices choose your ending."  We can be victims of our circumstances or choose to live for eternity.  "The end isn't worth trading for the moment."

Our quest study all revolves around the life of Jacob.  One of the questions for small group is who are you most like---Esau or Jacob?  I knew immediately--I am a Jacob--taking things into my own hands.  Lacking faith and trust at times and relying upon my own devices, even knowing God's promises to me.  SAD!  And then WHO would do something like Esau--trade his life's blessing for a bowl of stew.  Who of us wants immediate gratification--what we deserve--what makes us happy in the moment.  Would you sell out for something temporary and loose sight of the eternal?  If presented with the "Right Temporary Thing"--I suspect we all would have to plead guilty.

The GOOD NEWS--no matter what you have done in the past---it has NOT disqualified you.  You are still capable of rejoining the path and continuing your quest.  It is NOT too late to see your quest end well and when your story is told---you will have proved true to your story---and the quest will be yours.

"So Esau despised his birthright."
Genesis 25:34b
Complete Text 25:19-34


  1. Lulu ... I LOVE what you've written here - 'Quests are NEVER easy--there is always an enemy--it is difficult to stay on the path--they take great courage-which can be difficult to find--there is a cost, and sometimes they lack clarity.'

    This I take with me today. Thank you, my friend!


  2. Hi Lulu! That is a great question...Jacob or Esau? I always think that I couldn't be as devious as Jacob, and trick my blind father. But then again, he got a lot of help from his mother, didn't he!

    Being able to put off immediate gratification is a really good lesson to learn from Esau. Being so overwhelmed by hunger that you can't see anything else is really a cautionary tale for me. Great point here!
    Have a happy Monday :)

  3. Oh, Linda---thank you for your kind words---made my day! Trying to keep my eyes on "The path", Friend! Always treasure your comments!

  4. Beautiful words today my friend! What a great perspective on our daily journey!

  5. Ceil, I am always trying to help God out---AS IF---he needed me!


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