Our sermon series on Jacob has concluded.  I must say, it has profoundly affected me, my thoughts, and my aspirations.  In seven short  weeks, God has taught me a tremendous lesson--about my relationship with Him.  I have been blessed by our pastor's teaching, my small groups, and discussion with dear ones helping me to cross several important hurdles.

What better way to finish anything--than to talk about The Finish Line--and what it looks like to cross it.   Jacob finally got it---after 130 years of pushing & pulling---deceiving--conniving- plotting--planning--running & hiding---the light bulb went off.  He finished well and left not only an inheritance to his off-spring, but also much more important- a legacy.

All those years of accounting taught me a valuable lesson concerning inheritances---they can bring out the very worst in people.  Be it money, property, or possessions--people can turn into green eyed monsters and become grabbers exactly like Jacob.  It can turn ugly fast when the splitting of the pie begins.

How many times did I see the money and the things of this world eventually fade away.  Here today and gone tomorrow and with their loss---no lasting effect remains.  "What we are chasing today is it worth leaving? How would tomorrow look different if you became concerned about leaving a legacy?"  What will be said about me when I am gone?  What lasting/eternal legacy am I leaving?

Jacob's lesson in a nutshell---it is not too late.  There is always hope.  Jacob, after 130 years, finally learned to bless those around him.  Finally Jacob understood---"God Almighty---Almighty God".   He left an inheritance as chronicled in the last verses of Genesis, but more important he left a legacy to his children, grandchildren, his servants, and those he came into contact.  He finally learned the importance of leaving a blessing---He kept on running and when he crossed his finish line---his legacy was eternal.

"The God before whom walked my fathers, Abraham and Isaac.
The God who has been my shepherd all my life long to this very day,
The Angel who delivered me from every evil,
Bless the boys.
May my name be echoed in their lives,
and the names of Abraham and Issac, my fathers.
And my they grow covering the Earth with their children."
Genesis 48:15-16

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  1. I love His grace. It's never too late to make a fresh start, to turn and go in the right way.

    Lulu ... you speak, too, of the power of community, solid preaching, iron sharpening iron. I love how God uses every tool available to point us to Himself!

    Springtime blessings ...


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