If I had spoken with Momma about foundations, she would have immediately started a discussion about women's undergarments--their strengths and weaknesses.  When Camille was young, she overheard a discussion about YEARS of never leaving the house without said undergarments donned.  Momma was a firm believer in being firm.  Later Camille asked me "Why does Mammaw wear girders?  Quite an accurate description!  I still chuckle today when I remember her comment.  Today's opining is NOT about lady's undergarments.  

I am slowly tying up all the loose ends getting settled into my new home.  One of the things I have learned is that in TX you must water the foundation of your home.  The inspection report spoke of minor foundation damage resulting from the dry and hot extreme weather here.  Unlike Louisiana--the water table is NOT two inches from the top of the ground.

I am having an irrigation system put in for this very reason.  It will include a drip line around the foundation of the house.  My sweet little yard is the perfect size to have only one sprinkler zone in the front and one in the back.  I am killing two birds with one stone and watering both the foundation and the yard with one system.

The one huge dilemma in TX is the year round water restrictions due to the severe drought.  It is DRY over here--extremely.  The lakes are drying up--the temperatures are soaring in the summer---there is a serious shortage of water.

There is another foundation in my life that requires daily watering.  That water keeps me healthy and seeking the right path.  It helps me avoid any cracks in my foundation and sates my deep thirst.  Thankfully there is NO shortage of the Living Water--and never a restriction on how much I can use.  I am free to turn the tap on all the way and absorb all that I desire---

I drink deeply from the well of living water!

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.'"
John 7:38

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  1. Said so well, my friend. The solid health of what's not in view keeps everything else where it needs to be.

    We could send mounds of melting snow your way if it would help ...



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