Parts of my life are secret--hidden from you all---not for public viewing or perusal--kept behind a great wall. 
 What keeps me from exposing it all---tearing down the curtain---throwing open the door? 
 Guilt---Shame---Knowledge of your sure disapproval ---if you only knew it all. 
 How easy it is to declare---"It really is none of your business"----How simple to skirt the truth by pleading "Privacy". 
Declaring, "This is my life--no one is done any harm" when I seek to hide behind the disguises I wear. 
Denying the waves made by my deceit and those who are swept under as they roll and roll--reaching further than even I could imagine,
Hoping you are fooled by the part I allow you to see.  
If you come close---my thin disguise will prove ineffective in shielding the view
of the plain truth of who lies beneath that veil.

During this Week of Passion as Jesus was questioned by Pilate, He responded to
the acquisition by declaring He had done nothing in secret.
His life was an open book---all done in public view and hearing
Except for those times he stole away to commune with The Father
Someone was always by His side to bear witness to it all.
He bore no shame--except for ours---at the very end
Not one thing hidden---no secrets held close--no surprises unrevealed
A perfect life-with no cause for privacy or sleuth--an open book for all to see.

I have experienced the freedom living the truth can bring
My admission of my failures and shortcomings allows a sense of release
Knowing I have never hidden one single thing from the all knowing God 
Why not confess to all my  humanness and struggles causing me to fail?
He loves me in spite of my falls---He never turns and never changes no matter how I act or what I do.
My fallen state is a fact---a fact we all bear--no illusion of perfection--only clothed in perfect grace.
I am revealing to you my failures, acknowledging His grace, and claiming sanctification through the only One Who never lived a secret life.

"Everything has been out in the open.
I've said nothing in secret."
Complete Text: John 18: 19-24


  1. oh how i love that we are not defined by our secrets. we are defined by our Savior, who already knows all there is to know ... and loves us with a magnificent grace.

  2. When you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing! Transparency sheds light on the dark recesses of our hearts so lies of the enemy can be replaced with the Truth of the Word of God!


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