What happened to the old saying, "Live and let live"?  Following two batches of Hood email blizzards during the past few days---I have determined
There is NO peace in the Hood!

Due to the recent road diet-

The heavy traffic has found a short cut through the hood---on the street a block away from the local elementary school.  More traffic--going TOO fast---leads to hood outrage.

Some favor speed bumps to slow the traffic down--

Others scream---NO!  We do have many speed bumps in the hood already--in fact all over Cowtown

Some favor chicanes 

Well as you can imagine--others NOT!

And the small minority wanted both

That went over well!

About the time that flurry died down the next one started -
It seems someone has the NERVE to build a McMansion in the hood (Their words not mine)
This lead to some not so kind words about committee members in charge of historic overlay and went downhill from there.  Not sure how I would feel moving into a neighborhood where I bought a house to tear it down and then build on the lot in anticipation of living in my dream home.  Expensive construction to know your neighbors hate you before you even get the brick on the building.  

The good news this week in The Hood---the Easter Bunny is coming---a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt at the park just down the street with over 100 children and all their kin in tow tomorrow.

And there are definite signs of Spring all over 

And finally four new friends this week---

A Messianic Jew-----
a native of Jordan----
#2 Ranked Ballroom Dancer in the Nation----
a local Director for Habitat for Humanity

MANY interesting and varied people and stories in the city--
soaking in life in the city.

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