On my return trip to Fort Worth after a few days in Ruston, I had white knuckles gripping the steering wheel the entire trip back.  When I saw it was going to rain, I left earlier than I originally intended.  It was a good thing---it did not just rain it poured down almost every mile of the way.  One of those Louisiana/Texas rains where you cannot see beyond your car hood.  I was cautious and slowed my little car way down.  The evidence of all the wrecks and cars in ditches was enough to warrant my caution.  One of the tricks I use is finding a car traveling a speed I am comfortable with and tucking in behind it---a safe distance back.  Keeping those tail lights in view is at times the only way I can determine where the road is.  The light becomes my guide when I am blinded by the curtain of rain as it pours down in sheets.  NOT a fun trip!  

  Life is filled with storms.  Storms which rage and blow and can cause us to lose our way.  A storm of sorrow, pain, or loss can blind you and obstruct your vision.  Tidal waves of grief will slip over you--leaving you gasping for air and totally disoriented.  A monsoon of day after day of dealing with life's seasons of storm will wear you down and create a struggle to survive.  Surrounded by a fog bank of emotion--we forget to look for the light which serves as a guide.

There is a guide---one to take our hand---and lead us through these consuming storms.  When we are over-whelmed with the flood--the storm--the fog of doubt and sorrow, search for the light.  It may appear as only a pinpoint at first---but as you focus and keep you eyes glued to it---it will lead you and protect you.  He is a faithful guide--who never disappears--even in the worst of storms---He is by your side.

For God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.” 
Hebrews 13:5


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    1. No we turn away or loose sight of Him---RIGHT beside us!

      Praying you are feeling better!


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