I have a tendency to forget The Word was written to be applicable this very day.  I read the scriptures as a historical account and do not always look for the lesson which applies today.  What a marvelous wonder that words that were penned LONG AGO can apply to the complex world today.  God inspired words---He knew when they were written--the lesson I would need this very day.  There is no randomness---even in those long stretches of genealogy---there was purpose.  Perhaps the purpose is not for me--but God's redemption story is told in every word --with intent.

Today's devotional told the story of the first recorded martyr, Stephen.  He walked the walk---and talked the talk---and lost his life because of his refusal to turn from The Truth.  Stephen did not know--he would be proclaimed by millions as the first martyr.  He had no idea the legacy he would leave behind of a burning need to spread The Good News.  We forget---Stephen as many others throughout The Word had no clue they would become icons--lessons---role models for the faithful who followed them.  They became our spiritual mentors without volunteering for the job.  God used them---for His Good Purpose---to show us the path--the way---His plan for us.

As I search for God's Good Purpose for me---this is a lesson I will take to heart.  I will leave a legacy---life will leave my body at some point---I will breathe my last breath---but my legacy will live on.  My biological legacy is already set in stone---I have three children---and they have children who will have children. I will not have any more children---those days are past.  My hope for the future now lies in my spiritual legacy.   My spiritual legacy is still a work in progress.  God has intent for me---He has a plan-I am searching--and when He reveals His Good Purpose for me---will I be obedient?  Am I living with intent --the intent of following the examples spread throughout The Word?  

Questions--he is placing in my heart--and on my soul--with the realization---I am His hands, feet, and voice here on this earth today.  What will remain of me from everlasting to everlasting?

This is war and there is no neutral ground.  If you are not on my side, you are the enemy, if you are not helping, you are making things worse.
Matt  12:30


  1. Hi Lulu! I understand you comment over at my place now, you are praying about your purpose. That's wonderful! How can you hope for a true legacy if you aren't aware you can leave one? Although something tells me that you speak volumes in your faith and acts with your family. You may not talk about it much, but you do whats even more important, you ACT it out.

    Yikes, what a convicting Scripture passage. I want to help, never make things worse for anyone.
    Have a blessed Sunday my friend,

    1. AND what a sacred privilege to be allowed to help! As always, I am thankful for you sharing your wisdom.
      Blessed Sabbath to your, Friend!

  2. I totally agree with Ceil and a had similar thought..I am not a big talker about the Lord..that is not something I comfortable with..however, I rather show it..and I am not very good memorizing verses either, however, I sure can remember a story, I think the Lord puts us in places he wants us to be, and it is up to us to is all done on his time, not mine..Blessings


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