There are great things that happen in The Hood--as well as the zany---

We have a Neighborhood Food Drive going on---I volunteered my front porch as a collection site.  Some food has been brought when I was away from home, but I also was sitting on the porch and met a very sweet neighbor for one of the deliveries.  The first week garnered 200 pounds of food---and we have several weeks to go.  Makes me proud to be a citizen of The Hood.

The Fourth brought a Hood Neighborhood Parade.  The children of the Hood decorated their bikes, there was a bouncing house, and a band to play.  Flags are hung all over the neighborhood to show pride in our great nation and wish it a Happy Birthday!

Two big firework displays will be visible in the night skies---the Botanical Gardens will have a concert and firework display and downtown Fort Worth will have one as well.  

And then the somber side---Dr. SIL has a trauma shift for the afternoon and night---it seems all hands are on deck with not so good results coming from too much celebration.  Who knew one of the biggest days for ER's is the 4th 
of July!

Meanwhile, I attended a spinning class at the Y this week.  I will be going back as soon as the feeling returns to my rear.

And that's all the news here in the hood---where all the women are good looking and the children well above average. (Garrison Keller)


  1. this is just too cool, Lulu, to have your front porch serve as such a welcoming life-saving space!

    1. Who could refuse such a small request, Linda! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awesome on the Food Bank and quite charming about your 'hood'. Have a great rest of the weekend. Blessings

    1. I am blessed to live in The Hood. Enjoy your weekend also, Linda!


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