The tom-tom's were beating this week--but slowly---it is extremely hot here and getting hotter.  The true indicator of the heat---the natives are not out in number walking their canine friends.  If they are walking-at all--the walks must be shorter--not many seen on the streets.

One notable email this week.  You remember back here--the great snake discussion.  The neighbor who instigated the diatribe on snakes has sent a new email.  She wants us all to go over to the corner of Mystique and Mystery and look at the dead snake in the road.  She is CERTAIN it is her snake and wants us to identify him.  I do not need to go by---his identity is DEAD JAKE.

Upon further investigation, I discovered he obviously is DUMB JAKE, since the air temperature is over 100 degrees and he was crossing an asphalt street which must be the temperature of a hot oven.  Those whose curiosities are peeked--need to hurry--he will soon be WELL DONE JAKE!

I tried a new class at the Y this week--it has some really fancy name--but it all boils down to an Abs Class.  I was OUTRAGED when the instructor made me get right in front of her in the middle---some silly comment about watching my form.  She did NOT fool me for a minute--it was ALL ABOUT the need to stop my cheating!  If you are in the back of the room---an arm or leg thrown here or there looks a GREAT DEAL like you are actually doing the exercise!

AND NO I do not exercise for fish!

Since there is little going on here in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS---

I thought I would carry you back to OLD LOUISIANA

With today's cry for everything to be "Green", there has been a new wave in 
Yard Art in my home state.  I leave you with this beauty entitled 


That's all the news today in THE Hood--where all the women are good looking and all the children well above average.


  1. Thanks for the giggles. I will keep on saying this..I do not miss the extreme heat/humidity of Alabama..y'all can keep it in Texas and where ever past the Mason Dixon line, lol. Blessings

    1. You keep the snow and we will keep the heat--DEAL!
      Gone to the pool yet?


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