I went to see the movie "Persecuted".  Do you think Hollywood has any idea the impact this thriller can have on the Christian community?  I walked away thinking--not just about my faith--but my faith and the government---and just what is going on in the great USA?

We seem to have deserted or at a minimum turned our backs on the ideals this country was founded under.  And YES, I know not everyone was a Believer who formed this great US OF A---but read the documents---God was in the center of  the freedom we hold so dear.  OR do we hold those freedoms dear?

I came away---pondering what my response would be to persecution and questioning What really is going on.  The mark of a great movie--when you walk out the door talking about who was right/wrong and what side were they on?  All thumbs up for this one---but I still say Hollywood has NO idea!

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  1. We have not seen it, will have to wait for it when it comes out on pay per view. (no movie theatre here)--wow, very powerful topic/post. We have seen the trailers and looked it up online. Thanks for the food for thought. Blessings


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