We are all deeply saddened and profoundly affected by the loss of Robin Williams.  A tragedy which has focused the media spotlight on the disease of depression.  We all are alarmed---on vigilant watch for those who may be affected since that day.  A public outcry for understanding and compassion has been issued for those who suffer. A heightened sensitivity and call for watchfulness has resounded for those affected around us.  Some slowly raise their hands and announce, "Me too",  I have known the demon--I have felt his torment--I have felt the tug of total loss of hope.  We are circling---comforting---sympathetic and empathetic--assuring all afflicted of our support --but the day will come--sooner than we expect--when we will forget.

It is never intentional--it happens without malice or purpose--it just happens.  9/11 came and we were shocked--rolled back on our heels---alarmed at how this could have happened.  We stood together--arm in arm--united against those who would dare to attack us--supporting those who lost so much that day---vigilant that it never be allowed to occur again.  It pulled us together and we flocked to churches--praying for those who lost---asking God's favor on our country.  The enemy was attacked--a victory was claimed---and then we began to forget.  We turned our eyes away from God and focused on the fracture created by political differences.  

It is repeated over and over through out history.  Read through 2 Kings---they forgot over and over.  Life became good--they became complacent---took the blessings for granted and turned from God.  Disaster would follow, they would unite in worship of God--begging forgiveness and favor, only to have the same pattern repeat once again.  Mankind are slow-learners---or we never learn.  Sadly it often takes great tragedy to open our eyes and turn them back to The Father. We do not intend to forget--it just happens.

My prayer--Lord sharpen our memories--prick our conscious--open our eyes --give us the wisdom to realize when others suffer we are Your hands and feet--we are blessed to be Your servants.  Help us, Lord, to not forget.

"Remember the former things long past, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me, -
Isaiah 46:9 


  1. Hi Lulu! I completely agree that I forget so much, even the things I think are so important. There's been a lot of talk around the house about Robin Williams, his life touched so many. I hope that I will remember that depression is a serious disease, and always treat those who express their depression, or those who love them, with utmost respect.
    I join you in your prayer.

    1. Oh Ceil, I pray we do not forget!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. Great post..oh how we forget..I think as a nation (or is the leaders?) have forgotten and became complicent.--anyways--I had to laugh on the comment you left me..I plead the 5th on how code knew about the snakes. (wink)--so many issues that we have praying on..thanks for another great post. Blessings

    1. Well Linda--I would NOT want to realize the pets next door were on the loose!
      Happy Weekend, Friend!


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