Close the door and lock the bolt, draw the drapes, lower the blinds, and dim the lights.  What happens behind closed doors with no one to witness will never harm.  Steal away--out of view--enter the cover of darkness and indulge in forbidden pleasures.  Eat whatever pleases us, watch whatever entertains us, read whatever amuses us, or drink whatever you might want--we are alone--no one knows--who will be harmed?  

Who will know of our secret passions--if we carefully keep it hidden from the eyes of others.  Never daring to tell---always silent and secretive--who will ever know or care.  What they do not know--will not hurt them--so keep it a secret--utter not a word.  The world is easily fooled and we are in control.

Ignore those silent stares of those who might suspect; deny the elephant sitting in the middle of the room; and explain away even the slightest doubt.  They will believe us--no one suspects a thing.  The truth will never come to light of the secrets in our lives.

There is no need for secrecy if not for shame.  Secrecy and shame walk hand in hand down the wayward path.  Shame is the signpost - the indicator you have turned from the path of righteousness unto the detour--the straight road to worldly desires.  The road requiring dousing the light and stumbling in the dark.

Unless and until, we like David, allow obsession to overtake us, desire to rule over reason, and entitlement to trump integrity.  Until we discover with the harsh reality of consequences, the secret was never ever unknown.  

God is watching us---like Adam and Eve---we are unable to hide or deny or make excuses.  There are no secrets--He is all knowing--all seeing--and never fooled by our denial.  We stand exposed and starkly naked before the throne---grabbing for the cloak of righteousness--never mind the blood on our hands---shouting our claim for the cloak of grace--to cover the guilty stain of the secrets in our lives.

There is a safe hiding place.  A refuge -- a high fortress---in the shadow of The Defender--where we will be protected and away from the trappers snare.  The only truly safe -secret place--

When will we learn?
You did your deed in secret;
I'm doing mine with the whole country watching.
(God's proclamation to David after the death of Uriah)
II Samuel 12:12

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
 will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to The Lord,  My refuge and my fortress;
My God, in whom I trust.
For He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler,
And from the deadly pestilence.
Psalm 91: 1-3


  1. May we learn from Adam and Eve, the Psalmist. My, how the godly can fall ... and praise God, how we can be redeemed!

  2. Hi Lulu! So much to like in this post... The images are perfect. The one of the man with his head in the sand made me laugh out loud. But one phrase really sticks out "the world is easily fooled." You are so right about that. I can explain anything and make my actions sound innocuous at worst, heroic at best. But God sees it all. No fooling him.

    Such a thought provoking piece. I have a lot to think about today...

    1. It comes from a heart that is broken, Ceil. The real me---is not so pretty--heroic or Godly---praying for the courage to admit my weakness and the wisdom to seek the answer to how not to live a secret life!

  3. Whern I first started reading this post..I thought, GOD SEES EVERYTHING! No sense in hiding..he knows our hearts, mind, souls..I see your previous comments reflected similar thoughts. Great post, as usual. Blessings


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