I have never been a true conformist--my slight rebellious side sometimes innocently pops out.  There has been so much said about "Throw Back Thursday" on all social media.  In an effort to conform--while not conforming--this Saturday I give you a throw back to 2007 --the first year of my blogging.  

These are my dear friends The Boersma's.  Dr. Dale suffered with Lou Gehrig's disease and we had been to Atlanta to see his doctor when I wrote this post.  He is no longer suffering and is in the presence of the glory of God today.  These two have had a huge influence in my life as a Believer.  Dear and Godly --they have shared the truth with me and many more over the years.  Their friendship has been a rich blessing in my life for many years.  We all miss Dr. Dale greatly and thank God for his influence on our lives.

August 30, 2007

God richly blessed me by allowing me to be with Dr B & Mrs. Helen for the past three days! I saw the sweetest example of selfless love between a couple that I may have ever seen. What a testimony of the love that can be shared when the love of Christ is the common grounding element between them. Helen is tirelessly serving with an attitude of love and devotion that is remarkable. Dale is such a sweet man that is allowing Helen to serve and giving up self-sufficiency with a sweet smile and gracious attitude. What an inspiration to be with the two of them for the past three days and see them interact. Such trying circumstances and such a feeling of helplessness, but they each seem so focused upon each other and trying to make the other more comfortable and at ease. What a great testimony to faith to see them holding on to the Father and his infinite grace. Never a blessing was missed, even when Dale's breathing was difficult. Always gracious to each other and those around them. God has shown me so much the past three days and I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned. Camille is right, the love of God is reflected by those that love Him to those they come in contact with. I thank God for this opportunity to be with the Boersma's for this trip. It was so refreshing to laugh and talk with Helen and see Dale's sweet smile even knowing that life is not running down the road that they would have wanted. To hear Helen's telephone ring countless times with concern for them was such an encouragement. The love they have shown to so many over the years is being reflected back to them. I pray that we can all serve them well and continue to pray for God's direction in their lives.


  1. What a wondeful story. I am not much of a conformist so to speak, It is just easier when I have nothing to say and post whatever people are doing such as Throwback or Hodgpodge etc. I am more rebellious than anything. (if only you knew, lol)--again, great "Throwback". Have a great Saturday Lulu. Blessings

    1. Linda, the thoughts whirling around in my head--surprise even me---MOST do not get published!

      Are you grilling burgers tonight? I would love to drop by for one!

      Enjoy your Saturday!


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