A Melody Pops in My Head---over and over--round and round--it goes--until I understand the message.  Listen and not at least tap your toes----

The lyrics to this song are in the form of a prayer.  Asking God for help in filling a void.  I pray, but my prayer is this---"Show me that You are more than enough to fill the void, Lord.  Help me to remember Your great love.  Remind me You are holding me, Your Beloved".  Perhaps God's reason for some being alone is teaching us the lesson of Who loves us best--Who is all sufficient--Who holds us best..perhaps.


  1. Big smiles here..thanks Lulu. Blessings

  2. Hi Lulu! I really like taking popular songs and applying them to a spiritual theme. And Queen...why not?
    When I feel alone, I wonder if it's because God is showing me that he is with me, just like you said. I know that he is, but in those times I sure am tested. And as we all know, a little testing makes us a lot shinier. May we all remember who 'holds us best'.
    So good to see you again Lulu!

    1. Oh Ceil, I pray everyday that He reminds me---HE IS ENOUGH!

      Sabbath Blessings, Friend!


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