Fall is officially here---I KNOW you all put away all of your white on Labor Day.  Do you now have your fall wardrobe at the front of the closet?  Some place a huge value on dress---what we wear--where we bought it---who designed it---on and on.  Clothes can become an obsession.  I see it at church, at restaurants, in the gym, and even in stores where you buy more clothing.  Some are never satisfied and always on a quest for the perfect outfit--to give the appearance of wealth, coolness, sophistication, success, athletic prowess, and the list goes on.

We began this quest a LONG time ago.  Check out the 3rd chapter of Genesis.  After their futile attempt to cover their nakedness with fig leaves (which will not last and are not very big) and after God's Judgement Lecture after their dis-obedience,  God made the first blood sacrifice of animals--to use the skins to furnish the first couple with their clothing. God gave them clothes immediately after their disastrous choice which lead to the fall of man.  He was disappointed--but still He loved them and provided for them.

So the quest for fashion began---God provided the necessity---man was not satisfied and then began the slippery slope of "Dressing for Success".  Why would their be so many stores, if we were not obsessed with finding the perfect outfit to disguise who we really are and portray us as who we desire to be.  The aura we strive for is quickly diminished--as soon as we open our mouths and begin to talk.  Our peacock strut becomes a duck's waddle as the layers of disguise are pulled off and the real us shows up.

Thus began the story of man's attempt to hide his shame and disguise his true nature.  It all began a LONG-LONG time ago.  It still doesn't work--but we keep trying--with the misguided notion we will trick the world into believing we are anyone other than a wolf in sheep's clothing!

And the LORD God made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife.
Genesis 3:21


  1. Nope, not me..I wear what is uncomfortable. Now that the season has changed here, jeans & pullovers/t shirts, long sleeve t shirts. Actually, my husband made the comment, "Umm..Linda..you do know that your almost 50, right? You like a college kid." Umm..yeah..I am one..lol--I don't dress or act my age. No Grandma clothes for me, lol. ---anyways--great post..always love the posts. I understand where your coming from..the thing is, people can believe they are hiding, but GOD knows. (wink) Blessings

    1. Oh Linda, if I am not wearing work out clothes--I am in jeans/shorts----CASUAL is my middle name!

  2. Hi Lulu! I think we can turn the most banal, ordinary things into contests. Cars, houses, clothes, even our children's accomplishments, they can all be a moment to praise and respect, or a moment to brag and take ownership. How does God put up with us??

    I am more like Linda and you. My wardrobe still has quite a few tee shirts and sandals!

  3. What an excellent post, Lulu! It is so true that we strive to hide who we truly are...lost, hopeless, completely fallen away from God...BUT for Jesus, who changes everything.


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