God sometimes places people in our life who make a huge impact upon our lives--without them ever knowing it.  Rebecca is one of those gifts God graciously gave me.  Rebecca is one of the instructors at the Y I attend here in Fort Worth.  When I first started going, she was out of town and did not return until I had been there four months.  She walked in the room that day and I thought WOW!--she is going to kick me into high gear in this class.  I was NOT disappointed!  

The consummate motivator--Rebecca is always encouraging---never disparaging but always spurring us all on to bigger and better things.  She never seems to have a down day--like so many of us--but even when life seems difficult--she is pushing us harder.  We all want to be her friend and reap the bounty of her encouragement.

Rebecca is leaving the Y in a couple of weeks.  She will be gone for a year.  She is not just leaving the Y---she is leaving her husband and three children as well---She is being deployed. It turned out the reason she was not instructing at the Y when I first began attending was her deployment at that time.   She is one of the brave men and women who sacrifice so much so that we might have the opportunity to live in freedom.  She not only instructs us at the Y, but also is an officer in the US Navy.  It must be heart wrenching to live those sweet babies and the love of her life---but in her words,
"I have a responsibility and commitment and I plan to meet it."  No question of Why---No whining--No regrets--only telling us all how much she will miss us--but that she will be back. 

The world has changed greatly in my lifetime.  One of the changes is women's roles in the military.  Rebecca will take a year out of her life, leave her husband and children and live in a foreign land so that we might rest easy at night.  I am inspired and motivated by Rebecca during my classes--but most important I am humbled and grateful for her sacrifice and commitment to our great country.

Join me in praying for Rebecca, her husband and family and SO MANY other of our military men and women who answer the call to duty and love our great country so well.  MY HEROES---God Bless Them All! 


  1. Always praying for those who make the choice to serve our country. Thank you so much for taking the time to share about Rebecca here. God bless her. God bless them all.
    Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for praying for our heroes, Beth. Yes, God bless them all!

  2. AMEN!! Thanks for sharing. Talk about dedication, commitment, perserverance...!! What a role model!

  3. Praying for Rebecca and all those like her.

    God bless them. And God bless you, Lulu.


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