I read LOTS of blogs--especially Christian blogs---many are on my sidebar list of those I read regularly.  There are MANY young bloggers out there---I am impressed with their zeal, fervor, and deep spirituality.  So many seem to have this walk here on this great terrestrial ball ALL figured out.  Even when answering questions about life struggles, they have their eyes up and are inspirations of hope and joy.

I am NO dummy by any means---but the answers seem to evade me.

I do not know why there is war, crimes beyond my imagination, hunger, desperation, loss, disease, trial after trial. Why there are parents who would sell their children, why some are born into desperation, why some choose temporary pleasure over eternal life, why some are profoundly disabled.   I have no answers concerning the Why's of life.

I also dare to question God.  I rant and rave over the unfairness in life.  I challenge what good could come from circumstances.  I get mad and quit talking to Him--give up on the desperation and seeming futility of trying to make it better for those trapped in the pit of despair.  I look up and yell,  "REALLY???".  I become perturbed when He ignores my solutions and things continue to worsen in this world.  I wonder why He stops communicating with me---where He has gone---why He is ignoring me.  Why He has left me alone in the crowd.

Yes, I am a blogger---I have NO answers---I do have God---I cling to Him---I trust He is Who He says He is---I know He is enough---I depend upon Him--He is just---He is faithful--He is ALL the omni's---He is God---and that is the answer--the only answer I can give you---HE IS GOD.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
Proverbs 18:10


  1. Hi Lulu! I agree. How can we understand the work of God when there seems to be so much disaster and sadness in the world. Especially lately. I have friends facing really hard health issues too, what is fair about that?
    Your answer is a good one. And I think of the lyrics by Steven Curtis Chapman "God is God and I am not. I can only see a part..."
    I wonder why, and I say "Really?" too. Surrender is a tough thing for me. That's why it's my word for the year. Something tells me it will take a long time to get comfortable with it.
    PS So honored to be on your list of favorite blogs!

  2. He is not ignoring you! He wants you to think, ponder, pray on it. I don't pretend to know the answers to life and all that is going on..having trust and faith are very still..and know he is there..(is there not a Bible verse with that?)--Blessings sweet friend..

  3. He is allowing it to happen because He gave us the luxury to choose for ourselves what we want for ourselves. His other alternative was to create a race of robots all pre-programmed to do His will.

    No matter how bad things get; He is still in control.

    Thanx for adding my Blog to your list of favorites. I must read it sometime.

    God bless.


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