I was given a brand new bicycle---with all the bells and whistles---the very latest in technology---a beautiful shiny--chrome and aluminum with the very latest concept in wheels. 

This new bike came with an owner's manual.  All the information about the bike and how to use the bike were in this manual.  I poured over it day after day--even memorizing parts of the manual.  I wanted to be sure I knew exactly what I should do, how I should maintain it, and the correct way to proceed.  The owner's manual is the most important accessory to the best way to operate the bicycle.

I joined a club for bikers.  We had meetings every week and I never missed.  The leader of the club gave us valuable tips each and every meeting on how to properly use the bike, good biking trips to make, how to maintain your bike in peak operating order.  The room was full of other bikers and even those who might be interested in biking and we held on his every word--even taking notes with the important details not to be forgotten.

Once a week I went to another meeting for biker's--a breakout smaller group.  We got together to discuss what the big meeting had taught us and to look in the manual to clarify any questions.  This small group of bikers became my support system in my quest to become the perfect biker.

To ensure I was the best biker possible, I bought a trainer.  I set my bicycle up on it in my home and I trained and trained.  Knowing how important it was to know all I could about biking and that I needed to be in the best shape possible--I worked hard in the safety of my living room at becoming a great biker.

Before venturing out onto the road with my bike,  I wanted to be absolutely sure I knew all I needed to know.  I knew I needed to be able to do the work of pedaling the bike to the best of my ability.  It also occurred to me what a wonderful gift this was and I did not want to wreck the bike and have any dings or dents marring its beauty.  On top of that, if I left the safety of these groups, I would probably get my amazing gift dirty--WHAT A SHAME THAT WOULD BE!

Here I am over-trained, over-qualified, extremely knowledgeable, and well acquainted with all the other bikers- sitting in the same place I started from-the safety of the four walls.  So I never left the groups--I never got off the trainer--I never ventured out of the living room---I missed the ride of my life and all the joy from hitting the road!

Therefore go and make disciples (bike riders) of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
Matthew 28:19


  1. I have to giggle..my bil and his wife are avid bike riders, spent tons of money on their bikes/clothes/accessories etc..anyways---Lulu--get out of the house and ride the bike..smiles

    Blessings (and thank you for the smiles)


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