Once upon a time there was a beautiful--talented---perfect Queen who adopted a daughter to be her princess.  The Queen tended her daughter's every need and lavished her with gifts.  

The princess came to the Queen as a youngster still toddling and in need of constant care.  As the princess grew, the Queen taught her well---she provided a great book of wisdom which contained the answers to all of life's mysteries.  Every day the Queen sought out the princess and talked with her and instructed her in the many graces every princess needs.

The Queen was an accomplished seamstress  and designed and sewed the most beautiful gown every known.  A one of a kind gown--it fit perfectly and accentuated the princess's loveliness.  The Queen taught the princess how to move among the Queen's subjects and anticipate their every need.  The princess learned from the master of how to serve well.

The day finally arrived for the princess to make her first appearance in public.  She moved freely among the subjects charming and creating a great stir because of her accomplished manner of serving those in her path.  She saw a need and fulfilled it without hesitancy.  The people were all quite taken with the princess and paid her great compliments.  She always thanked them as is only polite, and she began to feel as if her gracious care and service to all was her greatest accomplishment.  She came to expect the praise as she made her daily rounds for the Queen.  The praise became more important than the service and then began the fall.

Somehow the princess had forgotten where all her gifts came from, somehow she forgot her lonely existence before the Queen adopted her, somehow she forgot who fashioned her beautiful eye-catching garment, somehow she forgot who taught her the words of wisdom she had most generously been given.  Somehow the princess began to take the credit for everything the Queen had blessed her with as her chest puffed up with pride of whom she had become.  The Queen was saddened to see the princess turn away and claim the glory for herself.  The Queen sent the princess out no more.  The Queen's desire was for the princess to share with the people the great love which could only come from the Queen, but when the princess forgot whom she was serving--the Queen was greatly saddened and did not send the princess out among her people ever again.

I am grateful for your sweet comments concerning the new ministry I am volunteering with, but please remember---I am using the gifts God so generously blessed me with and it is ALL for HIS good glory.  I am so thankful He uses me to serve His people and the blessing will be more than enough to fill my heart to over-flowing.

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