Yesterday's post seems to have pricked our collective hearts---and also caused much discussion.  When God uses my words to begin our collective pondering of a age old dilemma, my soul sings praises to Him.  Comments on the blog and Facebook and private messages on FB have indicated this is one subject we all have spent time pondering.  Two of the FB private message discussions centered around "Choice".  

Is this their choice to be "Homeless" or living in a shelter?  If so--WHY would anyone choose this life of poverty?

As I pondered this question, knowing what I do and seeing what I have seen, my response is perhaps it is a choice.  Why then would someone make this choice?   


When I have been faced with REALLY tough challenges in life and I cannot seem to meet and conquer the obstacles in my path, my path of least resistance is to give up---with an excuse or the acceptance of this is just how it is.  

I am having a tough time making new friends here in Fort Worth.  After almost a year of trying and the seeming inability to make those deep strong friendships I was so blessed with in Ruston, I crawled into my cave this summer and quit trying.  It was impossible and I was tired of failing--so I gave up.  My Spirit was broken-----HOPE---fled my heart and I decided this was the way it was going to be.  Loss of hope will lead to a Broken Spirit and a Broken Spirit leads to failure to dare to even try.

Faced with failure after failure of not finding jobs, inability to sustain appropriate relationships, no home, no future, ill health at times, and a society for the most part that expects you to fail---they just give up and call it their choice.  When you seem to have lost all other control in your life--then claiming it to be a choice is the last bulwark of your control.  Put on a brave face, with a defiant lift to your chin, and look the Man in the eye and say, "I choose this life."

BUT if it were possible to trade places with the "Haves" in the world---have the job, have the home, have the future, seemingly have it all---WHAT do you think their response would be?  Live in a world of want, hunger, danger, and no home or live with a roof over your head, the sure knowledge you were successful in making a living, food on your table, clothes on your back and a sure and certain future--which would they choose?

My heart says---HOPE would always be the choice.

The bottom line is --if you are a Believer---The Word does not say----"if they are poor through no fault of their own"----it says "Help the poor"  and be blessed for it!

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.
Isaiah 58:10


  1. Hope is a hard thing to grasp onto when you've never experienced it, never seen it modeled, have never had it offered to you.

    Those of us who've survived hopeless seasons in our lives have only gotten a tiny taste of what much of the world's people live their whole lives.

    God, have mercy.

    Keep the conversation going, friend ...

    1. Yes, Linda my brushes with hopelessness were devastating. I cannot imagine living within that state everyday-all day. I have found a new spirit of gratitude for all I am blessed with.

      God have mercy on we that turn our heads and walk away when confronted with the hopeless.

  2. I agree about Hope...some people never experience it..and alot of people never experience a relationship with God and his son. It saddens me to no end that people live on the streets or in shelters...I have had a hard time grasping that thought. NO matter how hard things have been, we have always had a home to live in...anyways--great post...By the way, you don't need an invite to visit. Our door is always open. Blessings

    1. Perhaps hope begins and grows from the hope we have in Him. I may surprise you some day and knock on your door!

      Hope the move is going great!


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