Most of us want--need--crave intimacy.  The sweet closeness and warmth of love which comes only one on one.  Someone so near--we can hear their heart beat, know the sound of the rhythm of their breathing, and read their thoughts as they are being formed.  

Intimacy matures with time and is one of those amazing things in life which grows and becomes more beautiful with experience. Bluntly stated not all relations are intimate relations.  Familiarity breeds a deeper level of intimacy as we share important moments with another over extended periods of time. With time and familiarity, intimacy deepens and sweetens.

The most intimate act I have ever experienced---one so deep and profound that  it stirred not just my heart but my very soul is praying with another.  I am not speaking of Pharisaical prayers uttered in group--not even speaking of family prayer time--I am speaking of one on one---grab your hand--bear my soul---praying together time.  This intimacy can be shared with any loved one--not necessarily a spouse.

Intimacy comes from acknowledging who I truly am and who God is to me--with another.  Bearing my very soul--stripping down to the real me--and allowing another to uphold me before God with full knowledge of who I am and yet still caring enough to pray with me, for each of us and our relationship. The acknowledgement of how lost and weak I am without Him and the truth of the mess my life is without Him is the icebreaker for the full richness of intimacy.  My open admission of my absolute dependency upon Him--with another is the sweetest taste of intimacy I have ever known. 

There is NO more intimate act than prayer with another.

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another,
 that you may be healed. 
James 5:16


  1. Absolutely amen. Baring our bodies is one thing. Baring our souls only goes deeper. That is a joy. But it's also a caution, isn't it ...

    May your weekend soar, Lulu ...

  2. There's also the intimacy of praying one to one to God.


    1. Our most intimate moment with Him for certain, Victor!

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