---I had a wardrobe malfunction after spin yesterday---GROAN!  You Girls ALL understand--and do not try to deny it.  We have ALL had those moments!  The current malfunction occurred after a sweat fest in spin class.  I am taking a brief stop before heading out to run errands--in the little girl's room.  Sweaty tight spandex type clothes lead to difficulty in getting things up and down--well in reverse order of course.  I walk out of the rest station and head down the hall--only to discover that various layers have not ALL come up.  Clinging to my sweat drenched legs things had gotten a little bunched up.  OH SNAP---thank goodness for my jacket to wrap around my waist.  Thankfully I was not on national television!

OH STOP---you know you have had those moments---I have seen them happen---walking around with your skirt tucked in your tights----a broken strap--vitally need for support---something as simple as a slip showing-(BACK IN THE OLD DAYS)---or the dreaded run in your pantie hose or the GASP tail of toilet paper hanging to the bottom of your shoe.  Be HONEST-We have all suffered wardrobe malfunctions.

All those years of running created GIANT wardrobe malfunctions.  Thank goodness for dri-fit finally coming along!  LONG years of chaffing, while wearing cotton, to the point of 1st degree burns were no fun.  Some of my mis-adventures in wardrobe included wearing the wrong socks the first marathon I ran.  I had blister upon blister on the bottom of my feet---the entire sole was a group of huge blisters-requiring a visit to the first aid tent and feet completely bandaged.  Then there was the marathon in a brand of shoes-NOT proven over years of running.  WHAT possessed me to run 26.2 miles in any shoe but my tried and true brand is beyond me.  I ran across the finish line and threw them in the trash can. 

It is amazing -KNOWING a blister is forming that we continue to run mile after mile with the offending sock-shoe.  All the while complaining--or not---but there being NO doubt the consequences of continuing.  Then there are the chaffing bouts---hot sweaty days--knowing the offending garment is rubbing me raw, I continue on.  I almost forget--but then I jump into the shower and squeal in agony.  Sheer stupidity!

Runners do NOT have a corner on this market---tell me you have not worn a pair of shoes which gave you a blister---tell me you have not worn too tight clothing which rubbed-wedged-chaffed.  Heels too high---clothing too sparse for the weather---no rain jacket in the rain  --on and on.  What could possibly cause us to endure all these mal-functions--leading to indignity-embarrassment--and flat out misery?  WHY PRIDE- OF COURSE!

We are prideful creatures and pride DOES come before the fall!  

First pride, then the crash—
    the bigger the ego, the harder the fall
Proverbs 16:18
The Message


  1. This? 'a sweat fest in spin class.'

    Nope, this rather sedentary creature can't relate.

    But the rest of your words this morning?

    Oh, yeah ...

    1. Linda, I LOVE to get a good sweat on! CLEANSING!

      Happy Friday, Friend!

  2. Oh those awkward moments. Of course we all have it. ;)
    You're right! "He has scattered the proud in their conceit."

    1. I could write a book--literally! At my ripe old age--you would think I should be past all this!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      Happy Friday!

  3. Looking back ... I don't think I've ever had my skirt tucked in my tights.

    Thanx for the smiles, Lulu. You're hilarious. By the way, I have now critiqued the Mona Lisa.

    God bless.

    1. The only way I can describe it so that a man might understand is wearing your boxers outside of your pants-OOPS!

      Looking forward to reading your post!

      Blessings, Victor

    2. I've worn my boxers outside of my pants many times ... when I'm Superman that is. (Bit difficult when I need to go for a Number 1).

      God bless.


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