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For all of you who love the thrill of the hunt
Who seem to enjoy shopping in the middle of the night
And do not mind the pushing-shoving-grabbing 
For the bargain of your life
Which you can NOT live without!

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Those who are not deterred with hanging in the long line
Standing in the aisle with a buggy to the brim
While all those ahead of you  are angry and terse
Arguing each and every item and the sales price
With a poor harried clerk--working for minimum wage.


Who find parking in the outer-outer parking lot
Among thousands of cars all looking the same
And not even flinching over the long hike to the store
And never a worry about losing that car
While roaming around with arms full of bags.

Photo Credit:Pentrest

While you are frantically looking for the best price
I will lounge in my jammies--till mid morning at least
With no need to hurry out the back door to head to the sale
I will get out of my warm bed when my eyes pop open
Perhaps even a little later than usual.


And while you are waiting for one little cup of coffee
I will pad into my kitchen and grab a quick cup
Just the way I like it with no need to order
Along with a muffin or maybe even two
While slowly stretching and greeting the day.

I may do a little Christmas shopping
While sitting in my favorite chair 
With my feet up on the stool
Tapping away on my trusty computer
And packages delivered right to my door.


As for all the rest--the bargains and such
I find I really don't need any more stuff
If you love to shop and the thrill of the chase
Enjoy your Black Friday bargain hunt
While I sit at home enjoying my day.


  1. I use to be one of those i-dots,noitce I said -i-dots, not idot, lol. Hmm..not meaning to start a argument (but since I am in a argumentive state this morning) I wrote my research paper on minimum wage- 80% of retail are not minimum wage-which is $7.25, MOST ppl are paid over $9 an hour. (I know, I can not survive on that)----ANYWAYS----I haven't been Black Friday shopping in years. My husband only gets paid once a month, so we wait to do Christmas shopping. GREAT POST!!!! We were just laughing at those ppl on the news.

    1. It is SO NICE to have educated friends! Thanks for the enlightenment and YES it would be tough living off that! My neighbor offered me a holiday job at one of the huge national retailers and it paid MW--thus my reason. He did tell me I would get this great discount while shopping in their store. GREAT--I work spend all my hard earned $s and then drag home more stuff--I really could live without! LOL!

  2. Oh those pictures make me twitch ... l love shopping online, free from the frantic, crazed mobs.

    Happy, happy Friday dear friend!

  3. The same happened here in the UK. On the news they showed long queues and fights amongst customers and shop staff to pick up a few bargains. The police were called to deal with the situation and some people were taken to hospital.

    What a lovely way to prepare for Christmas. Peace on earth and good will to all men, except the guy who's about to buy that item I want!

    God bless.


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