We women LOVE to share our "birthing babies" stories!  We all snicker when we quote Prissy's panic when she hysterically proclaimed-

"But, Miss Scarlett---I don't know nuffin bout birfin no babies!"

My stories span three different decades and three entirely different experiences.  I love to tell all three of them--and given even a slight chance-I am off to the races.  That first birth experience though has the unique twist of facing the unknown---you think you know--but until you go there--you don't know.  We prepare ourselves--read all the books--take all the courses--talk to those who have experienced the event trying to prepare--as if you could EVER be prepared!  

The truth of the matter is--you could never explain the pain--until you have experienced the pain.  You could never imagine the experience of another human being inside of your body--kicking-rolling-squirming-hic-coughing--poking-prodding unless you have known the sensation.  You could never imagine an additional 10-20 pounds protruding from your front--sitting on your bladder--blocking any possible view of your feet for at least a couple of months.  You could never know the sleepless nights when no position is comfortable and there is certainly no hope of sleeping on your stomach.  You could never know the feeling you are starving to death--only to find 3 bites gives you incredible indigestion after stuffing you to the brim.  There is no way to describe the wonderful--magical--miraculous experience of "Birthing Babies"!

Consider for a moment--an angel comes to you--I know STRANGE---said angel tells you---even though you are not married--have not been with a man--you are going to have a baby---God's Baby.  Somehow the angel smooths things over with your husband to be---and you are on your way to birthing a baby.  Experiencing all the normal cravings, sleeplessness, bloating, indigestion of a normal pregnancy--you are soon to have this special baby.  AND THEN--the man in your life explains you need to go to a town four days walk --under the BEST of circumstances- to be counted for the census.  OH JOY!   You march forward though---some say on a donkey--and for four days--maybe as much as a week--you travel with family-maybe friends to be counted.  You are not able to keep up--and arrive long after everyone else to the little town.  As luck would have it-there is no Motel 6--no B & B--nor Hotel Hilton--NO room anywhere to stay.  AND there seems to be the complication of after days of travel---the baby seems to have decided to make an appearance.  FINALLY some stranger has pity and allows you to stay in the barn--with the animals---and there your baby is born.  WHAT A BIRTHING BABIES STORY!

A story which has been told down through the ages--told and retold--every year your babies birth is remembered and celebrated.  How could she have known this would be the case?  All she knew was God had picked her--and she was obedient and fulfilled all that had been written.  A birth story for the ages--a birth story that changed the fate of man--the beginning of the redemption story-of how God showered great grace upon mankind--and it all started with her obedience and willingness to "Birth a Baby."

But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.
Luke 1:30


  1. Can you imagine how Mary felt when she heard that first "waaaa" from her son who was to be theKing if the universe

    1. No, Vannie--I cannot begin to imagine what she must have felt! Wonder of all wonders!

  2. This is a wonderful post, Lulu; describing human birthing and relating it to Mary.

    At the time of Mary, it was unheard of for a single woman to become pregnant. It would have been a great scandal bringing shame to all the family. To then proclaim that you are carrying the Son of God would have been blasphemy at the very least. Mary would have either been stoned to death or thought of as totally insane. Yet, despite the fear of shame, and fear for her own and her family's safety, she said "Yes" to the Lord. We owe her a lot for that "Yes"!

    For a man to find out his girl-friend is pregnant and the baby is not his, is bad enough. Most men would have run a mile in the opposite direction. To be told the baby is the Son of God is more than any man in such circumstances could understand. We owe a lot to Joseph too, for staying by Mary's side.

    As for there being no room in the inn, or hotel; well ... it was Christmas and all the places had been already booked in advance.

    God bless.

    1. My reading on Mary has confirmed exactly what you said. It is so easy for us to quickly read through The Word and not THINK about the story.

      Thank You for your comment, Victor!

      Bless You!

  3. No wonder we arise and call that select young woman blessed ...

  4. Hi Lulu! I have often meditated on just this subject! So close to the heart of women, isn't it? Imagine just saying 'yes' to God, no matter how preposterous it sounds. I know I've said 'no' to God for things that are way less intimidating.
    All that riding a donkey to give birth in a foreign town, and no place to stay either. They all just had each other, and maybe that's what the Father wanted us to learn. We really do have such a complete gift in our families.
    Beautiful words my friend,


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