Games from my childhood are still fun to play--when I play them with some of my favorite children.  There is a long list I have revisited since moving to Fort Worth---chase; cops and robbers; board games; puzzles; ring around the rosie; and on and on.  These Little Men LOVE to play hide and seek-

They never tire of hiding or seeking and be warned their slow count to 20 is NOT so slow!  They squeal with delight when I pop around a corner and discover their hiding places with a "GOTCHA!" 

 One of the more interesting things I have noticed is the increasing sophistication of hiding with maturity.  The oldest might be inside a trunk or under the bed---with age he has learned to hide himself in the not so obvious places.  The middle child (POOR MIDDLE CHILD) has not honed his skills of deception quite to that level.  He tends to duck into a closet or behind curtains with his feet sticking out.

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And Bless His Heart---Poor Little Man-may be standing in the next room like this

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Or perhaps he is standing in the corner with his back turned to the room--in clear view.  In his mind--if he cannot see me--then I cannot see him.  SO FUNNY!  

They are all hiding--with different levels of skill--BUT I find them--they are never totally invisible!

I play this little game of "Hide and Seek" with God.  I am hiding--and He is always seeking.  I fool myself into thinking--OH--He is busy--so surely He does not see what I am doing.  With more practice, I have become quite skillful in my ability to hide from Him---or so I think.  I hide behind good deeds, busyness, shadowy righteousness, and even the name of Jesus.  I quickly throw out my bold claim of redemption and never stop to consider the cost.  I am hiding behind my thin veil of self righteousness which is a thin disguise of my true self and never fools The Great I Am.

I forget the thrill--the wonder--the amazement--of His -"GOTCHA".  I am never truly lost--never hidden---He always has me in the grasp of His hand.  And the best news--He is not playing games--it all is "Real" and He always knows where I am.

Therefore since we have been justified through faith,
we have peace with our God, through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom we have gained access through faith 
into this grace in which we now stand.
Romans 5:1


  1. Oh how true this is...thanks for the smiles...Blessings

    1. Are you talking to me? I am behind the curtain and thought you could not see me!

  2. I love this and I love you!!! What wonderful messages God just pops into your head. I am a "hider" but I am seeking. Happy New Year!!!


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