There was a rumor floating around last Sunday about the Cowboys appearing to take it all.  I kept glimpsing out the window all afternoon in hopes of spotting one of those fine specimens.  I never even saw a horse. In fact the streets seemed deserted.  Someone told me Monday there was some football game on television that everyone in TX was watching.  OH WELL--so much for the Cowboys!

My neighbor texts me Monday and asks why are all those police cars are down by my house.  GREAT---I am away from home--building my massive muscles and there are 7 police cars parked up and down the street.  WELL since the alarm company has not called me--and there is not much I can do anyway--I calmly go to the grocery store--as if it is just another day in the city.  Turns out one of the neighbors is threatening violence--and has a gun---and thus the alarm.  I tell you--THE BUBBLE I WAS LIVING IN HAS BURST!

Time for a little tutoring at the shelter.  When I went back last week, the three students I have been working with for three months are gone.  Disappeared into the World of the Homeless.  All I can do now is pray-- I have As I drove home, I saw several of the homeless in sleeping bags under the overpass.  It is hovering in the 30's--the wind always blows in Texas--concrete is really cold.  Why are they not in the shelter--Why would you chose to sleep out in the open?  SAD!

To school to tutor--I have to be there bright and early.  Somehow tutoring digressed into games and puzzles.  My OCD kicks in and I am putting the puzzle together while my sweet little student happily colors a picture of a princess.  How did she manage to get me off track???

I seem to have come down with the bubonic plague.  I have the mortuary on speed dial.

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain

There is a slim chance that I may survive the latest bout of plague.

And that's about all there is to the news this week in The Hood-  
where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.


  1. Hilarious post! I, too, care nothing for football. The Cowboys can rule the world as far as I'm concerned. *grin* Sorry to hear about the crazy neighbor. One can even have that in the country, sad to say.
    Hope the plague has now left and all is well. ~:)

    1. I have turned the corner, Sparky and decided to live. Except for the nose part--I will not give graphic detail--I am better today! There was a day I watched the Saints every Sunday--then I moved to Texas!

  2. lol..Thanks, I just spat out my drink, lol. Blessings

  3. Looks like you need great heaps of sabbath rest this week, my friend. Yikes! May today's restful joys fill your soul, clear your head, and rest your body.

    Nap well ...


    1. Thank You, Linda. As I told #1 Daughter, we all need to get past this now before baby comes in less than two weeks!

  4. Hi Lulu! So your neighbor is Garrison Keillor???
    Yikes, what a scary thing.I do thank God that nothing was wrong in your house though. And...that bubonic plague is going around. I'm so glad that you feel better.
    I volunteer at a homeless shelter too, and it's a great frustration that many homeless prefer sleeping outside, because they feel more safe there. Go figure. The only crazy blessing in that is that our shelters are often full to bursting. Not sure where they would go?
    God bless all your wonderful works. You are a busy lady! Enjoy your Sunday...have a cup of tea..

    1. I DO love Garrison Keillor! Wish he was my neighbor, but will have to steal his words instead.
      Thank you for your take on the Why?---I had never thought they might feel safer in the open. Yes--the shelters are full. The one where I volunteer has several seatings at each meal. I have turned a corner and beginning to feel better. Hopefully my nose will no fall off from all the blowing!

  5. You need to stock Zycam in your medicine cabinet. At the first sign of a respiratory issue start taking the dissolvable tablets and you will reduce the length and severity of your cold.

    1. Yes, Ronny, I do. I once was a huge promoter of Zicam--some how it disappeared from my radar. I am not fond of the metal taste, but hate these colds more. Once I get up and going again and am out and about--it is on my list. Thanks for the rec!


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