This past week---we spent a great deal of time and energy talking over what the church should look like.

THIS is an example of what God desires The Church to be in the business of-

Since moving to Fort Worth,
I have heard many heart breaking stories
God is showing me the hurting world
I live in and
I am asking to know the path
He desires me to walk
For His Good Glory

My prayer today, Dear Friends
Is for us all to turn back and
redirect ourselves
to The Church He so desires us to be.



  1. Yep. Another great post. Blessings

  2. Hi Lulu! Isn't it amazing how God uses everything to teach us about our lives and the people around us? You made a big move, and God is speaking so clearly to you. I wonder if you could have ever predicted that... Yes, I hope to restart myself this year and get on track with the Lord. There's always time to start again with God. What a loving Father we have!
    Blessings to you,

    1. I am always seeking, Ceil. Excited to see what He will do next in my life!

      Blessings to You, Friend!

  3. I found you this morning researching photos of "apples of gold" hikers and your post about "wave the red flag!" I am in love with His Spirit expressed in the writings of your lovely blog! I am looking forward to reading more as the days progress and all His paths and plans unfold before you. Perhaps He will intersect our paths to meet face-to-face along the trail and In His Plan. May this year ahead be wonder-filled and full of great adventures! ~ Mi

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Michelle. What a blessing it would be for our paths to cross. Hiking in Alaska next summer---where are you headed?
      God Bless you in this New Year!


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