I am passing up falling into my bed the moment the house grows quiet tonight for my annual Valentine's Day post.  As these days are whizzing by, I am gaining all kinds of material for posting--including living in The Land of the Little People, but there are not enough hours in the day for blogging while on Lulu Duty.  I will be back-bear with me for a while longer.

Today is the day--many dread.  Those who are alone--and lonely find no cause for celebration when the day of love comes around.  Lost hope and disillusionment with no dream of fulfillment of the desire to share this day with 
another. The best to be hoped for is a quick end to a 24 hour reminder of the state of loneliness surrounding the day.

We celebrate romantic love, which is certainly a wonderful thing, but perhaps instead we should celebrate love as we find it in our lives--in all the forms it can take.  I am reminded of the saying my sweet daughter uses with her boys,

"You get what you get,
and don't throw a fit."

She can be very wise for one still so young.  

So today---I am celebrating the love of my sweet family--children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, great nieces & nephews, aunt, uncle, cousins--the entire kit and caboodle--I am filled with love for them all.  The love of my friends--old, new, long time, brand new, some I see quite often, others very seldom--and still I think of you all with great love and affection. My life is filled with love.

Yes--it would be nice for Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet--or perhaps just take me for a walk and enjoy a simple chat.  We have made the day a celebration of romantic love--but there is so much more to love than romance.  The most beautiful love I have ever seen is that of a couple who have been together for years and years--and yet still hold hands--still listen to each other--still pledge to stick it out --no matter what.  Life is not a romantic novel and with time life can become difficult--but the enduring promise for better or worse takes my breath away.

God has chosen for me to not have a partner---but He also has filled my life with sweet family and dear friends.  Today I celebrate my love for each of you and wish you a joyous celebration filled with the knowledge of the most enduring love ever shown---that of our Father.

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.
Psalm 13:5


  1. Indeed my friend, your life is filled with love. (and I know it is not the same... if you had a mate) Happy Valentines Day--been missing you. Blessings

  2. I celebrate you, lovely friend. So glad to see you again and to know you're surviving and thriving. Welcome back ...

    Valentine's blessings ...

  3. HI Lulu! What a great testament to your life...so much love with you through your family and friends. I agree that Valentine's Day is over-balanced toward romantic love. But I can tell you that this weekend with my little granddaughter's was just the best. My daughter and SIL made me feel so loved. And that is worth celebrating!
    I'm so glad that you were celebrated too. And love does anything for the beloved; that's what you did. Gave up your time for your loved ones. You are my heroine <3
    So nice to see you again!


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