Yesterday's post seems to have hit a collective nerve in many.  So many have contacted me on Facebook, on the blog, by text, to tell me---OH YES, I GET IT! The fact is the sun will come up tomorrow, the tides will flow, and here in Texas the wind will blow--and life will go on--as it should.  Grief will ebb and flow as does joy and He will never leave me.  I cannot leave this subject of grief without two more thoughts.

Naval gazing grows old fast!
To begin with, most over forty and anyone who has had a baby will attest to the truth the old navel is not the cute thing it once was. Since to my knowledge, there are only two ways to gaze at your navel--looking down or in a mirror, I would like to point out a couple of problems.  Looking down for long periods of time can lead to the need for chiropractic adjustment and at a minimum  a pain in the neck. Behind door two is staring into a mirror, which will lead to the discovery of more that has drooped, sagged, bagged, wrinkled, or dimpled over the years.  It is best to avoid full length mirrors at all cost.  Go to any beach or pool this summer and take a gander---navels are cute when you are young--but with time and random hair growth for men and stretching for women, the belly button becomes less than pleasing scenery.

The best scenery is always seen looking out or up--not down at your own belly.  A breath-taking sunrise or sunset, the white sugar sand of the beach with rolling waves washing over it, the grandeur of the mountain peaks, the lushness of the verdant forest, the sweet smile of an innocent child, and on and on.  Why would I spend anytime belly gazing when the Master Creator paints a glorious canvas with unlimited gazing access?  So with time, I will grow very weary of naval gazing and look up and out again.  

I believe in the redemption story!
I have read The Book and I get it.  Each and every page is filled with redemption---over and over the reoccurring theme--redemption.  SO I believe my story will be redeemed also.  When will it occur?  I may never know it has occurred--BUT I trust--I have faith that redemption will occur.  How will God redeem this?  I have no idea--and in the eyes of the world--it may never look redeemed--but again I trust--God will use this story for His Good purpose to further His glory and thus redeem it.  At this moment I am not "feeling it", but my head-"knows it", and I hope you know also---If you are His---He WILL redeem your story.  You can count on it!

So--yes I am grieving--but--I have hope---and that hope comes from
 Jesus-My Redeemer.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble
Psalm 107:2

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