It seems some think "Moving On" entails trading a single ride for a ride with a buddy seat.  "God is going to send you someone else to share life with."  I must have missed that promise in The Book!  No, can't find the scripture and not sure I could jump all those hurdles to make that happen.  The baggage I come with is a heavy load- even for me.

Well meaning friends have suggested I try dating sites on the WWW.  YES--that is the answer--since we all know we only tell the truth and show the real us to those cyber snoops!   The stories I have heard of others trying this avenue would singe your hair.  It seems people LIE---lead you on---and have certain expectations when you advertise you are lonely.

One friend told me her horror story which ended with the date's declaration, "I need to hurry up and find a wife to cook and clean for me, I am tired of having to do it all myself."  SIGN ME UP!  Yes a life of romance in front of the stove and in the laundry room!  I loved her comeback--"Hire a housekeeper!"

Stories of promises of marriage--which ended with announcements of the former girlfriend showing up and "We are going to try it again."  WAIT--didn't you just tell me we were getting married?  "I love you so, but I am not sure NOW this will work."  OR how about the just failing to ever contact you again after a several month serious relationship?   

The tales are legion and the story always has the same bad ending.  In an effort to be fair, I know a couple of couples who met on the WWW and it ended in a happy marriage.  Those stories are few.

A well meaning friend told me last week.  "You get out of it what you put into it.  Join an expensive site so you know they are serious."  HUMM--and I suppose no one would EVER think they might meet a "Sugar Momma" doing the same?  I am NOT anyone's "Sugar Momma"! I can't even find the sugar bowl--much less fill it! 

The cold hard facts are there are LOTS of single women out there looking--playing the game.  I am not going to the bar scene, not going to join a singles group, and not out trolling for love.  I am not interested in pursuing or playing games.  There are worse things than being alone--TRUST ME!

The couple of experiences I have had did nothing for my confidence in finding someone to share time with.  What would be nice is a dinner companion--someone to share conversation with--someone who enjoys the activities I do.  I was left with less than a good taste after my tiptoeing into the world of men.  I am not looking for rejection or anyone who bends the truth to fit their needs.  Always cautious, I meet people for a meal.  One particular guy--younger man-first mistake- I met at church.  After a very short time of getting to know him, holes began to appear in his story.  He moved to FW for work, but was always going home.  I caught him unaware when I asked, "Where do you stay when you go home?"  For once, he did not skirt the question to come up with a good answer later, but quickly replied, "With my ex-wife."   BELLS---STOP SIGNS--THIS WAY TO THE EXIT!  I put on my running shoes and RAN away from this mess.  Something was beyond stinky in this situation!   My distrusting paranoia sends me scurrying for the cave as soon as anyone looks my way after those encounters.

I have high standards with the one unbending rule---they MUST be a Man of God.  Otherwise I am NOT interested.   So moving on will not entail finding another man and that is Okay.  Look around there are many-many single women living full lives filled with joy--with no man involved. 

To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am.
I Corinthians 7:8


  1. Thank you Lulu for an honest, courageous and heart-felt post. I get the feeling you're a wonderful person full of common sense.

    Praying for you.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Victor. Let's just say I am cautious to a fault .
      Blessings This Easter Week!

  2. According to a new report we live in a brave new world where it's entirely possible (probable, even) for women to be single by choice and happy about it. You may be onto something.

  3. Caution is not a bad thing. Proof is all around us. I think you are very wise to be cautious. There are so many people who, out of desperation, fall into horrid relationships that only hurt them. There are men of God out there, and God knows your heart and needs. Yes, this is from more of this head knowledge that I glean from Scripture, that I know you know as well. But cling to it.


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