It becomes necessary-on a daily basis to get these people from Point A to
 Point B.  "D" Day troop movements were easier to plan.

The simplest solution is the lovely mini van.  #1 Daughter laughs and says you fly under the radar if you drive a mini van.  It has begun to take on the appearance of a vehicle used in armed combat after two years of use and abuse by this crew.  The scrapes down the side are the beginning evidence of being rode hard and put up wet--but the true give away is the front bumper being held up by plastic ties.  IT IS A LONG STORY!


Back to Point A to B---this land yacht at least has a seat for each of the four various styles of car seats.  The problem is there is no place for the resident Nanny except for the 4.78 inches between the two big boys seats on the very back row.  My wide load needs MORE than 4.78 inches.  Thankfully, the biggest boy can buckle himself in and out--but balks at helping the next in line in and out.  The last time I asked--after coercing him by playing the "OLD GRANDMA" card-I overheard him telling brother, "You have got to learn to do this yourself, I CANNOT keep helping you---I am getting tired of this."  REALLY!!!  The middle row contains The Little Man--who needs full assistance by an adult and The Princess--who gets to admire the view of her Big Brothers while facing backwards.  HEY---I am ALL about safety!

At any rate--after 15-20 minutes of loading the darling children up---we are off.  NO--NO we cannot leave until everyone has a snack and a drink of some type.  We cannot pull out of the drive for a few block journey to the park without nourishment.  THUS the fact there are various and sundry wrappers littering the floor and the spill stains on every cloth/carpet surface.  Why to drive the 20-30 minutes to my house, we have to pack a picnic hamper!  AND oh yes, we all need a book, toy, car, some form of entertainment for the next few seconds--so what is not filled with wrappers and stains is covered with remnants of the eruptions from Mount Mattel.

SO at last, we hit the road.  The fighting on the third row  and the wailing on the second road commence. The Princess does not enjoy these outings.  HOW I am able to get a block without slamming into someone is a mystery.  This occurs every time we are riding in the vehicle UNLESS it is 5:30----one and one half hour until the blessed bedtime---and I DO NOT WANT ANYONE NAPPING!  The entire back of the van falls asleep---ARRRGHH!   A 20 minute power nap means at least another hour added to bedtime.  I will not tell you about the day, I was desperately trying to keep the Little Man awake by offering treats from the picnic hamper.  When we got home, his mouth had to be scraped out since he fell asleep with a mouth full of cream cheese.  

SUCH FUN--Point A to Point B--

There are those days that I take all three of the boys in the back of my SMALL CAR!  The two boys by the window ALWAYS jump in first--meaning I have to lean over them to buckle in the Little Man.  THAT IS FUN!  Our trip conversations center around---"HE TOUCHED ME!"  "Brother HIT ME!"  "He TOOK MY CAR!"---there is NOT ENOUGH SPACE on the back seat of a Camry for these three!  The good news---I can REACH those little darlings---As I look in the rear view mirror--the threat begins with, "There is a red light up here and I am going to turn around and-----"  There should be warnings with small cars about the number of children you can safely transport without causing them bodily harm at red lights.

Our only other alternative is Dr. Daddy's COOL RIDE---a Land Rover.  It seems he does not allow all this consumption of supplies in his car and he insists there is no need for entertainment.  HUMMM!  At any rate, the only problem with the cool ride--is I have to crawl over the back seat to get into the only available spot for the Nanny on the third row.  The logistics of this happening were NOT pretty--but quite entertaining for the neighbors.  When my SIL threw down the challenge by saying, "I can get the screw driver and take this seat out so you can get in"---WELL here is the result of that trip


IT IS AMAZING the lengths you will go to when you have been house bound for a few days just to get from Point A to B!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting. 
Job 8:21

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