One month down with this little family

The Little Princess can be the Little Tyrant.  She came into the world wailing with gusto and lets all of us know when she is unhappy.  ALL she wants is to be held in the correct position, fed at frequent intervals, and NOT TO BE FOOLED WITH!  She MUCH prefers a poopy diaper to a change and spit up infused clothing  to you stripping her and starting over.  Something tells me she is establishing just who will be in charge!

Meanwhile--the two year old is my new BFF.  I do not take a step out of his field of vision without him yelling at the top of his lungs--"YUYU---YUYU!!!"  He seems to be having the biggest adjustment--but has compensated by attaching himself to me.  One of his favorite things these days is wrapping around my ankle and me dragging him around the house.  We have come a LONG way in this month.  He has gone from getting up at 4:30 AM to 5:30---I consider that doable.  Since my running days--I have had a problem with the hour number being four on that digital clock.  He is back to willingly taking a nap--even asking for night-night.  I count the minutes until I get my hour nap when he is down for his.  He is quite the character and I have scheduled several "Lessons from the Little Man" posts to come.  He teaches me something almost every day.

BUT---I am happy to report--I will be home more now and able to write and BOY did they give me things to write about.  My CUP RUNNETH OVER!  I will still be at their house when Dr Daddy is working or needing to sleep--but we will begin trying to establish a new normal----AS IF ANY OF THIS WAS NORMAL!

I told my sweet friend who is also a counselor I was loosing my grip on sanity during one of the more intense days.  She reminded me sanity is over rated!  WHY YES---YES INDEED!  Playing the crazy card gives permission for all sorts of weird and unusual behavior AND the good news is no one thinks any less of you.  Why EVERY Southern family has their "Crazy Relation"!  I will generously offer to sacrifice my sanity for the sake of the family!  Something tells me I need not volunteer--that I was unanimously elected to the post of Crazy Lulu a long time ago.

So---I will not post everyday as before until the princess gets us into more of a routine-HER ROUTINE.  I will post when I am home.  One way to not miss and I promise you I have lots of funny stories to come about this past month is to sign up as a  follower on the right side of this page or follow me on Google + (Whatever that is!).  The next post will concern living on a volcano.  We all knew there were earthquakes happening in this region--but I made the amazing discovery we seem to be living on an active volcano.  WHO KNEW!

Thou hast anointed my head with oil; My cup runneth over.
Psalm 23:5


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your new grand-daughter, Lulu. God bless her, as well as you and your whole family.

    Best wishes to you and yours on this Easter season.

    1. Thank You, Victor!

      Bless You During This Season of Remembering!

  2. h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s - They are a lot of work, but what would we do without them? The first 'female child' among our grand littles was, excuse me, IS, a trip too. But I guarantee, they are so much fun... thank you for reminding me this morning how much we love our children's children. Hang in there...

  3. I wish you could see my smiles (and hear me cackling, lol)--Lulu, you are bright spot of sunshine. Miss you, hurry back when you can. Blessings


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