In a world that has managed to take samples of the planet Mars which is a mere 140,000,000 miles from your back door and not only find but recover relics from the Titanic buried two and one third miles below the surface of the ocean, we still have not found a cure or even an effective temporary remedy for the common cold.  In this day and time of instantaneous messaging to thousands if not millions across the WWW, we are unable to come up with an immunization to prevent the misery of 10 days of rhino virus symptoms.  OH I KNOW--there are many types and mutations of the rhino virus, etc etc--but I would seriously be content with the mere relief from the symptoms. 

Banned from the pharmacy after found walking up and down the cold relief aisle muttering to myself while reading the labels of countless remedies, I resorted to hiding in the over the counter aisles in my local grocery.  When those passing by began to avoid coming down the aisle where I glared with impatience at all the pharmaceutical promises, I crawled home in defeat.  The only thing worse than this cold would be being locked in a padded cell with no kleenex in sight.

The worst hours are those middle of the night hours--when the tissue inside and outside my nose are so swollen and irritated from hour upon hour of blowing, I am gasping for air.  Discomfort is a mild explanation of what I am feeling and becoming more down heartened by the moment over.  SURELY there is relief somewhere???

While once again foraging the available drugs, I find something which seems to promise relief.  Containing the drug phenyleohrine HCI-which if you google is a decongestant, I found this promising remedy in my own cabinet.  Why it promised relief of external and internal discomfort and protection of irritated tissue--all of which I was suffering from--so WHY NOT try this one more remedy?  What could I possibly have to loose?

Rubbing this cream on and in my nose did not work quite the way I had planned.  I have heard of beauty queens using this trick to get the swelling down under their eyes, but perhaps the application of Preparation H on the nose is not well advised.  OH--the swollen tissue immediately had some relief and then promptly closed in a tight death grip allowing no more drainage.  So now I still have my body in mucus producing overdrive--but the outlet is now effectively dammed with the shrinking of the swollen tissue.  WHAT WAS I THINKING????  Well in my defense, I am desperate for relief, it was the middle of the night, it DID SAY it contained a decongestant!  I suppose my next question is why does a cream to relieve hemorrhoid tissue have a decongestant as its active ingredient????



  1. Thankfully ... yes thankfully ... you put a disclaimer. For a moment I really believed you put Preparation H in your nose.

    Best cure for night miseries is to get up and do something - like cooking something nice, or baking a cake or bread etc ... Keep busy, even if it is the middle of the night, rather than stay in bed trying to get to sleep. Don't bother counting sheep. I find that the sheep keep moving around and confuse my counting. So I tried a mathematical trick, (you being an accountant would appreciate that). I counted all the sheeps' legs and divided them by four. They totalled 343 - so either one sheep has 3 legs; or he has just one leg and has fallen on his back. Left me totally confused.

    I also found that in my travels, whilst on business and staying overnight in hotels, the sheep I count have a different accent depending on where I am. Scottish sheep don't "BAAAA" the same way as Welsh ones.

    I hope this helps a bit. Meanwhile, I am praying for you.

    God bless.

    1. IF for one brief second, I thought it would help, I would be slathering on the cream, Victor! My mind works a little off center--and I prefer to laugh than cry--so a desperate attempt at humor. Your remarks always leave me with a smile.
      Thank you for that and your prayers.
      Bless You, Victor!

  2. Oh there is nothing much more miserable than a cold. Hope that you are well over it. We take echinacea from September to May and coconut oil is wonderfully soothing on inflamed nasal passages. And dare I also recommend Thieves (an essential oil)? Two last things: at the first hint of a cold, gargle with warm salt water and pour a drop of hydrogen peroxide in each ear. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I lied. If it all turns out to be allergies instead of a cold, eating local honey (must be from bees who are in your area) is very helpful. Gosh, I should write a post with the disclaimer that I am not a doctor.

    Thank you very much for your recent visit to my place. Drop by again any time.

    1. Vee--I have tried it all! Swallowing handfuls of supplements, vitamins, & herbs at a time. But--I keep hearing about the essential oils-Dr SIL rolls his eyes. Was definitely a cold, two weeks later I am still trying to rid myself of the remainder of the congestion-YUCK!


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