If you live, at some point, you will grieve.  With any loss we experience there also comes anniversary days--Not the kind of anniversary we enjoy celebrating.  One of my sweet young friends wrote this week of a day which should have called for celebration, but because of her loss, instead brought reminder of her grief.  My heart empathized with her as she poured out her distress.

I have learned dates can be redeemed by God.  I lost my mother on Mother's Day, May 13th and five years later on the same date, my sweet daughter married her Godly husband.  God redeemed a date---and though I always remember the loss of Momma on that date, I also turn my thoughts to the wonderful wedding on the same date. 

The same God who designed an intricately complex system in which we live hears our every cry.  The same God who placed our planets into orbit around our source of heat and light also created the dark of night.  The same God who designed the rotation of the Earth so that we would have defined hours of light and dark also knows the darkness of our grief.  The same God who orders the days of our lives also counts our tears.  

Among God's wonderful promises is the assurance the sun will come up tomorrow.  When the days of intense remembrance draw you into the deep well of intense pain, there is one thing I have learned--one thing I do know---the sun will come up tomorrow.  Life will go on--it will look different--but it can be filled with joy.  Hold on---it is only 24 hours--one day--and tomorrow the sun will come up--you can count on it!

That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun That there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other
Isaiah 45:6


  1. Love this verse from Isaiah. In all things we need to remember this. He has His reasons. We just need to trust. One day we will know.

  2. Hi Lulu! What a soaring post today, I just felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in your words...'The same God..' Just beautiful. May God continue to show us His great love in redeeming our pain, and giving us reason for joy.
    Blessings on your tender heart,

    1. Ceil, there was the most beautiful sunrise here in TX today as if God was confirming these words!
      Bless You, Dear Friend!

  3. It is indeed a God blessed day today!!! Love this post. I have to say that I don't remember the days of death of my loved ones. I only know they are gone from this earth and I will someday see them again. And you are right, Until God calls us home, the sun will always come up for a fresh new day, whether stormy or full of sunshine. But Today is such a beautiful day of God's grace and benediction.

    1. Ah, Debbie, it is the curse of being a numbers person. I may not remember you name, but all facts numerical are forever etched on my brain! It has been a marvelous day here in TX!

  4. Why did Jesus have to come to earth as a human? Why not just forgive our sins by just forgiving them. Why come to earth?

    One of the reasons is that Jesus/God wanted to share our humanity. Be and feel like us and have and share the same emotions as us. He was really saddened when his friend Lazarus died.

    So when we are sad at the loss of someone dear to us; we can be sure that Jesus felt that same sadness if not more so when on earth. We can turn to Him in the sure knowledge that He will console us.

    God bless.

    1. "Jesus/God wanted to share our humanity." And yet we are created in His image. Mind boggling--NO?

      Blessings, Victor!

    2. You make a good point Lulu. Ceil too said on my Blog today that we were made in God's image. Coincidentally, I was writing a future Blog post on the same subject (I normally have several posts in the pipeline).

      When we're told we were created in His image; it does not mean that He looks human or that we all have beards and look like whatever we imagine God to look like. It means we all have the potential for great love and compassion and mercy and pity for our fellow beings. Yet many go through life doing their utmost not to look like Him at all.

      God bless you.


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