BUSY-BUSY-here in the hood

The mystery surrounding this house--which I thought was being prepared to be part of the government's witness protection program--is the owner's have bought another house and are getting this one ready for the new owner's.  NOW in my defense, there was never a "For Sale" sign in the yard---there was no sign of moving--no truck--no men--nothing.  Even the next door neighbor, who gave me the story, said, "They disappeared with no sign of moving."  SO perhaps I am NOT so crazy after all.  It could still be what I suspect--since the "New Owners" will not move until June. 

 And this house, where I suspected aliens had kidnapped the owner and later the house sitter, the owner has reappeared.  OR IS IT THE OWNER???  It could be an alien who has morphed into the body of the man and is now living right here in the hood!

 On a more sane note, I finally ordered a porch swing.  Imagine my dismay when it arrived in a flat box--UNASSEMBLED!  I HATE crescent wrenches!  NOT to be beaten, I finally got it assembled while only slinging a few mild expletives when I put the arm on backwards and had to undo and redo what I had already done.  Did I say I HATE wrenches!

And you might ask how I got it hung all by myself.  As my sweet friend Peggy reminded me lately, "Necessity is the mother of invention."  I will admit the first few sittings were done very gingerly for fear of falling.

One afternoon each week I have this sweet fellow when his brother is at Museum School.  Here he is trying to steal a little green eggs and ham from the friendly "Sam-I-Am".

There will soon be a lizard explosion in my back yard.  I caught Mrs. Lizard laying her eggs this afternoon.

And this house two doors down--that I tried to get you to buy and be my neighbor, it sold after a bidding war for $30,000 above asking price.  If it were not for the thought of moving again, it would seem now is the time to sell!

Spring Time in the Hood---Just a Swinging & a Rocking!


  1. I am giggling over your neighborhood thoughts, my friend. And you tell your grandson, I loveeeeeeeeeeee Green Eggs and Ham, the book, not the Green food, LOL. Blessings

    1. PERHAPS, I have a vivid imagination! I will pass you the green eggs!

      Blessings, Friend!

  2. I really like the way you think! I label people and their residences too (but hopefully in a funny way). I'm sure they do that to me too. It's just fun.
    I believe that's a Horned Lizard. Lizards are cool. I'm a big fan. We have a lot of Fence Swifts, Green Anole, and several skinks that call SE Georgia home. They eat bugs and are fun to watch.
    Good job on the swing. Looks like a dandy place to sit and enjoy this lovely Spring weather. It's been great here. Hope your weather has been just as pleasant.
    I've been AWOL on Blogger because of computer problems, etc. Nothing serious just annoying. I do enjoy computers but ... sometimes [shaking fist at the screen] .... *lol*
    Have a blessed weekend. ~:)

    1. Ah, Sparky---computers---GRRRRR!
      The lizard is a Texas spiny lizard. I have watched her in the recent weeks as she sat in the sun and grew larger and larger. NOW finally she has laid her eggs & the hole is all covered in again. I will be watching for the arrival of the little lizards. Good luck surviving the bumper crop of birds around here! Mother Nature can turn ugly in an instant!
      Glad you are "Back on Line"!


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