I am in Austin---Deep in the heart of Texas---watching the rain fall, attending my #1 Grand's WONDERFUL High School Choir Concert, and enjoying sweet family this weekend,


You do remember the suspected "Safe House" across the street.  Well perhaps I was wrong.  I met the new neighbors when I was out working in my yard.  A sweet young couple with two small children--they do not really fit the profile of being in the witness protection program--BUT is there a profile for the program?  The WONDERFUL news---they are taking out all the overgrown bushes which are hiding their beautiful little house.  SO looking forward to seeing them come and go with their little family.

Daddy is moving his "Princess" into this house two doors down.  The college student who Daddy says is quiet and studious and just had to have this house.  All of the neighbors are a little concerned about having our peace and quiet (if there is such thing in the city) turn into party city.  NOT to worry--I have Daddy's business card with his phone number.  I will stroll down and drop the information in a neighborly fashion that I have Daddy's phone number.  I would HATE to have to call and ask if he was aware of the toga invasion at his daughter's house!


And then there is my next door neighbor, who I have affectionately named "Mother Earth" for her great love for all animals and nature.  She told me this week, she is training to be a "Certified Wild Life Foster Home".  BEFORE you ask--I have no idea how you get certified to have homes for wild animals, but she has a soft heart for any animal,  I asked her was she putting in a new flower bed in the backyard where she was digging,  "No, I am digging for grubs and worms."  The puzzled look on my face led to the explanation of fostering a possum.  WHAT!  "Do you know those things have sharp teeth???"  She seems to have no worry about being bitten by the latest member of her animal family.  Obviously she has never cornered a full grown possum before and gotten sharp toothed snarl!  CITY GIRL!

She then told me she was hoping to foster an ARMADILLO NEXT--GASP!

I tried to explain about this spawn from Satan.  How they would destroy your yard and the only thing they were good for was target practice.  She stared at me in disbelief.  I am just saying-she better keep him penned up--my trigger finger gets itchy just thinking about it.  SILLY CITY GIRL!

Living Life Large--Here In The Hood!


  1. Sounds like a zoo, in the best sense of the word.


    Life's sure not dull for you, girl!

    1. Thankfully NO it is not, Linda! Of course being out & on the prowl for the fun & funny helps😄!
      Happy Saturday, Friend!

  2. LOL. Sorry, had to laugh...I don't know what's worse-the animals or the college girl. (I am so bad, aren't I? smiles) Still raining in Texas? Yikes. Have a good weekend regardless, Lulu. Blessings

    1. Yes still raining but we are not complaining since it is filling the lakes back up ! I am getting a little mildewed!
      Happy weekend to you & a huge thanks to your hubby for his service to our country!

  3. I'm having flashbacks just thinking about those armadillos where I lived in Orlando. They cut down the beautiful forest (the reason I selected this area) while I was on travel one week; I came back to them building a strip mall. No more beautiful view. What's worse, the animals that lived in that forest, namely those creatures from Satan...the armadillos...came into the complex and would chase me and my very large German Shepherd when I tried to walk him. He was scared to death of them. Not a fun experience.Your neighbor may have lost her mind, no?

    When are you back? I arrive on Thursday. Would love to meet for lunch/coffee one day the following week.

    1. Yes the evil spawn of Satan! Will email when I get home & give you my schedule.
      Enjoy this great weekend!


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