Contrary to what the media would have you believe--we have not floated away or been swept into the land of OZ here in the hood.  It HAS been quite unbelievable since it has rained almost every day for weeks now!  Following last night's downpour during the daily thunder and lightning show, I spent two hours this morning scraping my back yard off the drive and putting it back where it belongs.

The internet has been down, due to a thunderstorm--which threw me out into disconnected cyberspace-but "The Man" came and got me hooked back up to the WWW and you will be forced to continue to listen to my ramblings--unless you choose to click that evil X on the screen.  Not to worry--if you got this far--you are in the day's count!  

With all the rain and storms, things are relatively quiet here in the hood.  Why the dogs don't even want to get out in this mess to poop!  The only negative email this week was concerning construction workers' cars parking in front of a  house here in the hood.  We get a little territorial and testy when others invade our space---even when it is the public street.  While helping #1 daughter move, I made the mistake of parking in front of one of her neighbors.  Between the painters and the movers trucks, there was no room in front of her house.  I received a polite? note  asking me to NOT park in front of their house. Unfortunately,  I lack the highly developed sense of smell to recognize the territory markings at every corner!  WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

The big Hood news this week is the date for the Hood "Block Party" during June and the beginning of movie nights in the park.  The weather needs to cooperate for all the fun and festivities to commence.  Unfortunately, I will be out of town during this year's party.  SIGH!  Here is a picture of the "Hood musicians" at the last block party two years ago.


I heard on the Christian Radio station I listen to they were giving away tickets to a Caribbean cruise with the Duck Dynasty clan.  Why it seems all big celebrities have one of these vacation or cruise trips they lead.  WHY--I could do that!  Due to serious funding limitations and of course, my limited fan base, my trip will only be for one day--BUT imagine--I will be with you and what fun we will have as we tube the Trinity River which runs through Fort Worth and Dallas.  My first two summers here I claimed it was the Trinity Creek--or more like a mud hole.  With all the rain---I am pretty sure it now will be akin to white water rafting.  Stay tuned as soon as I get the float permit, I will post the details of the contest--

Last but not least---somehow between storms the painters have transformed my bungalow from here

to here

Sorry for darkness but when the painter is still here at 9 PM-
-well it is getting dark!

Thank the Good Lord and Uncle Sam for returning my over payment of taxes to make it possible to get rid of the hated gold!  Everyone knows the gold here in Texas is the color of oil!

Living life large--here in the hood!


  1. Oh, parking!!! Parking is "gold" here, don't dare park in front of peoples homes--they will let you know. Silly, really, no one owns the parking spaces, it is government owned, really, people act so silly here. Love the new paint and glad to know your not floating away (being snarky/silly, lol). Loved this post this morning. Blessings

    1. My daughter had to peel me off the ceiling, Linda, after the note. She reminded me these were her neighbors and she needed a good relationship with them. I enjoy Saturday posting and the opportunity to be silly a lot!
      Blessings, Friend, from Soggy Texas!

  2. Glad to hear you're OK. They did mention on the news the bad weather in Texas; but not knowing the place I did not know whether you were affected. The only bit of Texas I know is Houston which I visited years ago. It was a great business trip.

    Did you know that Texas is so big that you can have the whole world population in there standing shoulder to shoulder. There would be no place to park though. And if you're near someone with bad body odour then ... bad luck. The one with the biggest nose would inhale most of the aroma anyway!

    I still have some Houston souvenirs, and fond memories of the ball game at the Astrodome.

    God bless and keep safe. But don't park in front of my house. My neighbour does that already.

    P.S. I like your guitar players. Just like me hein!

    1. Fort Worth is in central Texas Victor--over half a day's drive from Houston. It is a BIG state! Every type of terrain you could image. There are some real stinkers here in Fort Worth---their odor as well as their actions! These guitar players were really playing, Victor, though holding your guitar must count for something!

    2. I REALLY wish I could play, Lulu. I tried often enough.

      God bless.


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