OH--I pulled a fast one---and escaped from The Hood this week.  Just in time to miss the high 90's temps! 

Spent this week with one old friend and five new ones.  I am always amazed how God places His Faithful in my life and expands my "Friend Territory" with amazing women.  Two of these ladies are from the parish where I grew up--and we spent a lot of time bringing me up to speed on mutual friends from my old stomping grounds.  The husband of one graduated with my brother--it IS a small world!

One of my favorite positions

A Few Days At The Beach

Photos By g-clix

AND Who KNEW I had a place at the beach!
All I have to do now is apply for my all time most desired job-
Toll Collector on the Beach Road!

Living Life Large--Here At The Beach


  1. Just glorious! And new friends, too! Life doesn't get any better. does it!

    Savor it all, my friend ...

  2. Hmm....let me guess...You were at Gulf Shores/ Alabama? That is the only Lulu's (hmm...on second thought, I think I did read somewhere she opened another one in another state.) I know!! Huffing and puffing, lolol. Well... fine, be that way, (rolling laughter and smiles)--so glad you had a nice time, Lulu. I can't think of a better way to enjoy a few days. Blessings

    1. Yes Gulf Shores & it was glorious!

  3. Looks like you had a good time.Judging by the white sand you're on the Gulf coast. Our beaches are so superior to Hawai'i and others I don't know why people travel anywhere else. Excellent photo of the Great Blue Heron. They do like to pose. Wish we could escape this 100 degree heat. Summer is officially here and I'm ready to stay inside until Fall. ~:)

    1. I am back in the TX heat, Sparky, and get what you are saying! I was at Perdido Key & no more beautiful beach in the world !
      Blessings !


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