I spoke with a dear friend today and they gave me unexpected news—they have cancer—melanoma.  Not one I would ever expect to develop melanoma, the news came as a shock.  Not young, but not old in my eyes, the course of their life has changed.  Tests, consultations, possibly more surgery, and a course of treatment are how their days now look—not their plan by a long shot.

As I walked and prayed this morning, it occurred to me how many are facing or have faced the unexpected.  We have a plan and it seems a good plan for our lives and BAM—the unexpected changes our course.

My dad died when I was 14, and he was only 45.  I never expected to lose him so early.  I often wonder how different my life would have looked had this unexpected never occurred.  His death left a void which I eventually tried to fill in destructive ways.  This unexpected was life changing for me.

My marriage ended---I never expected that to happen.  For after all, do any of us say, “I Do,” with the intention of it ending in divorce?  No, we take those words, “Till death do you part,” literally, and never dream it will be different.  It has taken a long time to process this unexpected in my life.  I expected to possibly be alone one day, but it was unexpected how it happened.

Dear Friends have lost their children, dear friends have lost their mates, and dear friends have lost their grandchildren.  Their passing into the world to come, was unexpected.  None of us sit around thinking about the loss of those we hold dear.

Some of life’s unexpected are blessings.  A few of my precious grands were unexpected.  We all quickly moved from the shock of the unexpected to the blessing of our expectations as the day neared for their birth.

 The “Rule for Life” I came away with while praying and thinking-


If you make it through this life and never experience the unexpected, you are living in a dream world.  The unexpected is going to occur—all kinds of unexpected occurrences will pepper your life’s path.

How you walk forward after the unexpected is what is important.  My friend told me, “God is still in charge”.  YES HE IS!  And nothing ever happens without passing through His hands.  Remember to grab on—hold tightly to Him—and live through faith when those unexpected occur.  God is sovereign and He is not surprised by cancer, death, illness, loss of job, fall of the stock market, or any other catastrophe in man’s eye.  All is for His good purpose—even the unexpected.  I have no answers to what possible good can come from many of the unexpected.  I do have faith He is present by my side—even in the midst of the unexpected—He loves me beyond my wildest dream.  He is present in the unexpected.

God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, Even though the earth be removed, And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Psalm 46:1-2


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh how very true, Lulu. Thank you for a very beautiful heartwarming post. Thank you for being honest, friend. Blessings

    1. Bless you, Linda , for I know you understand the unexpected!

  2. The unexpected should be the expected, it happens so frequently. I never expected to live under a Marxist regime, but that's what we now have. As always, good lessons.

    1. We grow from all these occurrences & hopefully learn!

  3. I feel your shock, your pain, Lulu. Both my mom and my sister have battled melanoma ... one a rare form, the other a stage 4 diagnosis. I understand. Truly.

    I'm praying for you and your friend right now. May this Sabbath lend you solace and comfort.


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